Adult Workshops


Eyebeam Workshops are an important way for the fellows and residents to share ideas in a hands-on environment that engages a wide range of ages and skill levels. With a focus on project-based or theme-based activities (rather than skill-based training), Eyebeam offers both short-term and on-going workshop opportunities.

For more information about our learning programs, please contact Erica Kermani, Education Coordinator at erica [at] eyebeam [dot] org.


Upcoming Adult Workshops

Thumbnail Subnodes workshop with Sarah Grant

6 Sep 2014

The Subnodes project is an open source initiative focused on streamlining the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point. Join Sarah to learn how to distribute content, media, and shared digital experiences via Raspberry Pi. The device behaves as a web server, creating its...

Thumbnail Sound Happens in The Group! a workshop with Theremidi Orchestra

10 Sep 2014 - 15 Sep 2014


Create your own instruments and sounds with basic electronics.  Then perform live! The ten members of Theremidi Orchestra (TO)  will guide and assist...

Thumbnail workshop with Dan Phiffer

20 Sep 2014 is a tiny wifi darknet designed to be replicated. Using commodity hardware, open source software, and a bit of networking trickery, you can build your own backpack-friendly OCCUPY.HERE instance to communicate, sans-Internet, with your friends and neighbors. This workshop,...