Where Lives Come to Die

Where Lives Come to Die

Based on a poem by Scott V. from Oakland.

Scott and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time. I saw him perform this piece live and people were laughing, confused, and depressed all at once. It was amazing. After collaborating on a long-form experimental video, we decided why not keep the momentum going and turn the poem into a video?

All the video was shot in 2 nights at the actual coffee shop near Scott's old work (the story is based on fact). I tried to edit it in the coming days. Days turned into years as I would step away from the edit to gain perspective, but whenever I would return to it, I couldn't come up with a good edit or sound. Luckily John Davis gave me hours worth of his audio experiments to use in a radio program I made, and I found audio from him that worked perfectly. Later after I moved to New York, Nadia Awad came to Eyebeam as an intern and pulled a rabbit out of her hat on the edit. She's got the magic touch! More time went by and Liz Filardi added her amazing titles.

I think we originally shot this in 2005. Not sure. Now it is done. I think.

The people who worked on this are all very talented and I hope you find our little 3 minute story at least half as sad, funny, and human as I did when I first heard it.

Scott V. from Oakland - text - ahatandahandgrenade.com/
Steve Lambert & Scott V. from Oakland - visuals - visitsteve.com
Nadia Awad - editing - nadiaawad.com/
John Davis - sound - noiseforlight.com/
Liz Filardi - Titles - elizabethfilardi.com

With support from eyebeam.org

Cast: Steve Lambert, Elizabeth Filardi and Nadia Awad