What do people say about capitalism in Times Square? (daily 2 of 5)

I installed a 20ft wide by 9ft scoreboard that says "Capitalism Works for Me!" in Times Square and passers by could vote true or false.

We are releasing clips from each day the sign is in Times Square. A longer, more polished video will come later, but these are a few snippets collected on October 6th.

More info:

Video by Jason Jones and Monica Ellis from Not an Alternative
Participants also had the chance to engage with our "strategic questioners" while waiting in line including; Victoria Estok, Maz Ali, Tim Sullivan, Victoria Estok, Matt Katz, Ann Marie Lonsdale, Jordan Tynes, Zefrey Throwell, Ramsey Ess, Drake martinet, Sara Dierck, Jesse Suchmann, and Baly Cooley.

Cast: Steve Lambert and Not An Alternative

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