Eyebeam Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass Day 4

Day 4: Thur., July 16, 2009Curating in the public domainCurating is often a private activity with a very public outcome, but recent hype about the term in relation to “filtering” online content (from videos and photos to tweets and urls) have made “curating” something people now think of as a very public process. What can we learn from public art models of curatorial practice? How do we cater for passerby audiences? What are the lessons to be learned from open submission projects online and offline? The ideal conditions for creating a platform for participation were dreamt up.Guest: Steve Dietz (Curator).Eyebeam respondent: Amanda McDonald Crowely (Eyebeam, Exectutive Director), Taeyoon Choi (Eyebeam Alumni Resident Artist) Videography: Rus Garofalo

Projects: CRUMB, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass
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