Eyebeam Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass Day 1

Day 1: Tues., July 7, 3–5PMWhat open source is and what it means for artHow do practices prevalent in the open source community match up against curatorial paradigms in the visual arts? What is the difference between curatorial openness, working in the public domain or releasing work under a public license? How can we learn about curating and commissioning via platforms which engage audiences or encourage participation? Defining useful metaphors and discarding hyperbolic buzzwords was encouraged.Guests: Curator, Scott Burnham (Creative Director, Montreal Biennial 2009); Dominic Smith (co-founder, Polytechnic, UK).Eyebeam respondant: Fred Benenson (Research Associate, Eyebeam; Product Manager, Creative Commons). Videography: Rus Garofalo

Projects: CRUMB, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass
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