Eyebeam has great news: the matching grant offered from a generous board member has been extended! This means that between now and January 15, you can still give to Eyebeam and the amount will be be doubled—every dollar you give will mean double the amount of support for Eyebeam Residents and Fellows, and enable us to present their work through events like Open Studios, an inside look at current research and works-in-progress. If you were too busy over the holidays, please give now—there's still time

This fall, NYC teens are invited to spend 5-weeks learning how to design games for mobile devices at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. Teens will work in small groups and design their own location based mobile games using iPhones (iPhones will be provided for use during the workshop).

Class Fee: $25 for all 10 sessions, advance registration required.
Needs based scholarships available - contact for more information 

Register here:


Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2011 Fall/Winter Residencies. Cash awards totaling $25,000, but much more than that, access to amazing resources including 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research, and fabrication studios have been awarded to 6 artists in the areas of performance, wearable technology, interactive installation, media art, and sonification/ visualization.

Eyebeam’s residents are selected from two yearly open calls of emerging artists and creative technologists for a five-month residency, which includes a stipend as well as access to Eyebeam’s facilities, equipment, and opportunities for collaboration and development of work. This group of six residents was selected from a group of 176 applicants.

The external review panel for this round of applications consisted of Michael Joaquin Grey (artist, inventor, educator), Barbara London (MoMA curator of media), and Juliana Restrepo (director, Museo de Arte Moderno Medellín, Colombia).  The Eyebeam reviewers were Amanda McDonald Crowley (executive director), Nova Jiang (Eyebeam fellow), Fran Ilich (Eyebeam fellow), Emma Lloyd (director of technology), Taeyoon Choi (Eyebeam fellow), and Roddy Schrock (associate director: creative residencies).


Alan Sondheim

Alexander Chen

Carrie Mae Rose

Jordan Crandall (honorary resident)

Matthew Parker

Slava Balasanov


Fellow Taeyoon Choi's Project Space exhibition Invisible _____ is an open platform for experimental workshops and performance, and is also an archive of his recent research and performance work. It uses Eyebeam's Project space as a laboratory for generating ideas, objects and actions for his new media performance Specters of the Riot, inspired by various riots, revolts, insurrections and social movements in urban spaces in the U.S. between 1965-1992.

July 13, 6-9PM

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky launches his new graphic design project, "The Book of Ice" at Eyebeam. The "Book of Ice" (Mark Batty Publisher) consists of multiple engagements with the theme of ice as presented by posters, stickers, music compositions, and an introduction by best selling author Brian Greene, whose ground-breaking book "The Elegant Universe" sets the tone for some of the issues in the Miller's new book.


The Week in Review (2010) by Resident Andrew Demirjian maps the stock price fluctuations of the three largest companies in the music industry to musical notes and visuals. The project feature's an interactive audiovisual projection that participants can play through a turntable and LED clock interface.

Gallery hours: 12–6pm, Tuesday–Saturday through July 9.

July 9, 6-8PM

Author Jill Scott discusses her book Artists-in-Labs: Networking in the Margins (Springer Wien/New York) which explores how immersive learning expands the exact sciences and demands a more robust level of dialogue from the humanities and the arts. The discussion will include talks by Professor Marille Hahne on documenting trans-disciplinary practice on film and Eyebeam Alum Andrea Polli on mediated environments. RSVP

Eyebeam and Other Music present selections of vinyl and CDs for the Eyebeam Bookstore Gallery Wall curated by Eyebeam Honorary Resident Tahir Hemphill and Other Music's Daniel Givens.




Organized by: AUDiNT (Toby Heys, Jon Cohrs, & Steve Goodman)

Presenters: Toby Heys, Jon Cohrs, Steve Goodman, Dave Tompkins, Andy Battaglia.

This panel will explore the intersection of sonic culture and the military-entertainment complex through the disembodied voices of secret communication devices, battlefield sonic deception and propaganda, acoustic weaponry, the physiology of inaudible vibration (unsound systems) and the encrypted, viral transmission channels of both analog and digital culture.

This event is co-presented with Art in General in relation to AUDiNT's New Commission exhibition at Art in General, The Dead Record Office (June 17–July 23).

Renowned Deleuzian scholar and philosopher of technology Manuel DeLanda discusses his new book Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason (Continuum, 2011), a philosophical overview of the rapidly growing field of computer simulations.


June 9, 6-8PM