Girls-Eye View (GEV)

Working with: Stephanie Pereira
Research group: Education
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Student Program
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Girls-Eye View (GEV) is a program for NYC middle school girls, developed as a response to research stating that adolescent girls begin to pull back from technology and allow boys to play the dominant roll in group activities and in the middle school classroom.

The participating students work with a female teaching artist to develop individual and group projects investigating female issues and media messages regarding women and girls. Project content is developed via in-depth discussions regarding feminist art and history, trips to local art institutions and shows, female guest speakers who can speak to the career possibilities for women with the skills taught in the GEV program, and weekly critiques.

Final projects are presented during the last day of the program in a professional critique setting to a council of local female artists working in the same vein as the projects produced. Each program concludes with an open house wrap-up event for participants‚ friends and families to view the work generated during the semester.

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