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APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 30, 2014 at 12PM (noon) EST. Applicants will be informed of their application status by August 21, 2014. 

CONTEXT: On July 1, 2014 Eyebeam will be moving to a space in Industry City for approximately two to three years, until its relocation in late 2016 to a new mixed-use building in the BAM Cultural District in Downtown Brooklyn. During this transition, in tandem with its Fellowship program, Eyebeam is focusing its Residency program to support technology-based projects that incorporate collaborative forms of architectural practice, urban presentation, policy engagement and other forms of meaningful community dialog. Eyebeam’s goal is to open up technology and raise awareness around the importance of creative ownership of technology. Towards this goal, Eyebeam is seeking applications from artists, engineers, designers, curators, urbanists, architects, policy thinkers, organizers and creative technologists to participate in this Residency program. Applicants can apply as individuals or as a team.

The Eyebeam on the Move initiative is a chance to engage and learn from New York City in a direct way, particularly the communities around Eyebeam’s new home in Brooklyn, and to develop novel techniques utilizing innovative tools in order to initiate creative dialogue between artists and communities and develop programs that support community-based initiatives around social or environmental issues. Eyebeam's goal is to identify mechanisms to strengthen its relationship to communities and to develop processes to nurture creative technology-based work within them. To help realize these goals, Eyebeam, in collaboration with Fellows and Residents, will partner with appropriate local, neighborhood organizations. 

Eyebeam will grant up to $5,000 to each selected residency project. The incoming number of residents will be determined by the quality of applications and cumulative financial support awarded. 

Residents will be selected to join continuing residents and fellows for an upcoming 5-month cycle, ideally beginning in mid-September, 2014 but potentially later. If a different start date is preferable, please indicate that on your application inside the "additional information" section. 

EYEBEAM VALUES: Eyebeam’s core values include a critical questioning of the status quo and a belief in risk-taking as an essential element to achieve progress. This has been demonstrated through over 15 years of experimentation via creative use and misuse of technology. This approach has resulted in the development of creative platforms, tools and exciting works of art. 

Eyebeam believes that the best creative work begins with a commitment to sustainability, equality, diversity, and concern for a better future. Across all areas of inquiry and research, Eyebeam primarily supports projects that have real-world impact -- we maintain that cultural progress is possible, and we encourage work that is paradigm shifting within a large spectrum of genres. Eyebeam will continue to support work that involves community interdependence and resourcefulness, learning, curiosity, and creative exploration.

RESIDENCY FOCUS: Eyebeam On The Move will support a cohort of incoming residents who will work alongside fellows working within resonant areas. Successful applicants will outline clear goals, milestones and timelines. Acceptance is based on quality and visionary potential. Applicants are also expected to show demonstrable success in previous development and execution of related work at this scale.

SUPPORT: The 5-month residency is a period of concentrated work on a visionary, experimental project. It is a chance to use the time, space, and tools at Eyebeam to reach the next stage of one’s practice.

Eyebeam will work closely with the artists and technologists to see their projects realized, including acting as a facilitator to coordinate organizational partnerships, functioning as a gateway to City agencies and community-based organizations and developing other forms of community trust building, learning and engagement.

International applicants are welcome to apply, although Eyebeam unfortunately does not have the resources to provide travel or accommodation. Eyebeam is happy to work with selected applicants, where required, to help them to secure funds to cover these expenses. International Residents are responsible for securing their own visas for the residency period. Eyebeam is happy to provide necessary paperwork to help expedite the process.

PARTICIPATION: Residents are expected to fully document their progress and their projects and to participate in public events including workshops, weekly Residents/Fellows meetings, monthly "Stop Work" feedback sessions, demonstrations of work in progress, panel discussions, and online releases, in addition to the Eyebeam Annual Showcase (an annual multi-week event presenting the previous year’s work to the public). The ideal Resident will both contribute to and benefit from the shared environment at Eyebeam, and will thrive in the dedication to openness and collaborative process across the organization, including staff, Residents and Fellows.

All Residents will be selected from this open call, based on the quality of the work being proposed, the applicability of Eyebeam's tools and resources in realizing and supporting the work, and the proposed project’s relation to the overarching research themes and activities of the organization.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applications are only accepted via the online application system (link). Applications received after the deadline of 12:00 (EST) PM (noon), June 30, 2014 EST will not be accepted. All applications and work samples must be submitted through the online form. No exceptions will be made. You can create a user/password during the application process and log back into the server to update your application before the final deadline.

Individuals and collaborative teams are invited to apply. In either case, please detail in your application how technical and creative responsibilities will be met. 

NOTE: If applying as a collaborative team, you are required to include information about team members' relevant prior experience, both individually and collectively, and to combine all CV's into a single document before uploading.  Additionally, clarify what the planned roles of each of the team members will be and how the workload will be divided. 

A full timeline of your project -- including up to 3 milestones that you need to achieve for completion of the project -- is required as part of the pdf requested on the application. Applicants can also request additional time for the residency period, outside the guaranteed 5 months; demonstrable need for any additional time must be indicated.

Complete applications must include the following information:

• Contact Information

• Resume or CV (.rtf, .pdf, .doc) -- combined into a single document if applying as a collaborative.

• Work samples in the form of URLs. Include a project description with your work sample that explains your contribution to the piece, how it is meant to be viewed and how it relates to your proposed project(s)/research.

• Concise responses to all application questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

• Single PDF document containing any visuals (including timeline with milestones, and additional information such as data flow, sketches, schematics) that will help reviewers understand the proposal.

 FAQ for applicants


 STATEMENT ON DIVERSITY: Eyebeam is committed to building a diverse creative environment and therefore welcomes applications from people of diverse backgrounds. We recognize diversity as encompassing personal style, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, physical ability, religion, and family.

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