APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications must be received via online application by 12:00PM (noon), Monday, November 26, 2012.

Applicants will be informed of their application status by January 29, 2013.


EYEBEAM VALUES: Critical questioning of the status quo and a belief in progress are core values of Eyebeam. This has been demonstrated through 15 years of experimentation via creative use and misuse of technology with the goal to innovate and develop better relationships between people and tools. This approach results both in the development of creative platforms and exciting works of art (recent examples: Computational Fashion, Zajal, RGBD Toolkit, Street Ghosts, Dead Drops, and Flock House).

Eyebeam believes that all creative work begins with a commitment to sustainability, equality, diversity, and concern for a better future. Across all research initiatives and focus areas, Eyebeam primarily supports projects that have real-world impact -- Eyebeam maintains that cultural progress is possible and encourages work that is paradigm shifting within a large spectrum of genres. In 2013, Eyebeam will continue to focus on work that involves community-interdependence and resourcefulness, learning, curiosity, and creative exploration.

OVERVIEW: Eyebeam is seeking applications from artists, hackers, engineers, designers, curators, and creative technologists to participate in our Fellowship program. Fellows at Eyebeam spearhead new research and develop new work and define the future of technology and art. The ideal Fellow has experience working with and making innovative technological art or creative technology projects, and has a passion for collaborative development. Fellows will bring this experience and working approach to Eyebeam where they will have the opportunity to engage in their own independent projects, projects initiated by other Residents or Fellows, and projects conceived collaboratively with Eyebeam’s staff and research partners. Acceptance into the fellowship program is based on the quality and visionary potential of a fellowship proposal. Applicants are expected to show demonstrable success in previous development of related work at this scale.

Up to three Fellows will be selected to join continuing residents and fellows for an upcoming 11-month cycle, ideally beginning in mid-March but potentially in the summer or fall of 2013. If a later start date is preferable, please indicate that on your application inside the "additional information" section. Selected Fellows will be expected to spend at least four days per week working at Eyebeam. Fellows are expected to contribute to the Eyebeam community as collaborative partners to residents and mentors to youth working at Eyebeam and as principal leads in research initiatives, programs, and public engagement as well as leaders in co-development of future focus areas of the organization.

SUPPORT: Fellows receive a $30,000 stipend during their stay in NYC with Eyebeam as well as 24/7 access to Eyebeam equipment and dedicated work areas. It is possible for Fellows to take on additional external teaching or consulting work, as long as s/he can fulfill commitments to Eyebeam at the same time.

International applicants are welcome to apply, although Eyebeam unfortunately does not have the resources to provide travel or accommodation. Eyebeam is happy to work with selected applicants, where required, to help them to secure funds to cover these expenses. International Fellows are responsible for securing their own visas for the Fellowship period. Eyebeam is happy to provide necessary paperwork and advice to help expedite the process.

PARTICIPATION: All Fellows are expected to share elements of their practice via formal or informal learning opportunities within the Eyebeam community or our public community. Eyebeam may offer program support in developing work for performance, events, seminars, exhibitions, or other public and educational programming within Eyebeam’s space during the term of the Fellowship.

Core to Eyebeam’s methodology is the brokering of relationships between artists, hackers, coders, engineers, and other creative technologists in the context of an open and shared culture of investigation and critique. Eyebeam fosters and facilitate relationships whereby technologists and artists come together to germinate and incubate their ideas, develop new processes, and create new works through a period of immersion in a social and professional context which is rich in technology, expertise and ideas. Collaborative partnerships at Eyebeam will be fostered through group critiques, discussions and projects and between other Eyebeam Fellows, Residents, and Staff.

FELLOWSHIP FOCUS AREAS:  Eyebeam is focusing on three fellowship tracks this cycle: 1) Vision, 2) Sound and Technology, and 3) Anonymity & Privacy. Please indicate on your application area(s) in which your proposal fits.

Since the birth of cinema, aesthetic and technical developments in the field have always been pushed by multidisciplinary innovation and creative whimsy, via trial and error by people who are passionate about their domains. In recent years technological innovation has been accelerating within digital cinematography, special effects, interaction and novel output systems, as well as cloud computing, live coding, and creative coding systems. The field of computer visualization is one that Eyebeam continues to encourage and support as our visual culture becomes increasingly complex, and the literacy required to understand it poses ever fresh challenges, 

We are in the midst of a shifting landscape of sound and its relation to physical space. It is important to identify current trends in the realm of sound technology and how it has changed with the times as well as what the future holds. This is of particular note when it is widely held that everything can be heard online. This focus area aims to support work that develops novel approaches to the state-of-the-art in sound art and technology within physical and online space and its relation to the public and distribution. This focus area grew out of longstanding collaboration and discussion among staff, residents, and fellows working in the areas of sound, sound art and sound technology.

Eyebeam supports artists and technologists who are working at the intersection of anonymity and art-making, with a focus on projects that seek to build awareness around privacy and identity online. What data do we relinquish on a daily basis and who controls it?  What is the relationship between openness and control?  More and more, social networks and software engineers are convincing web users to share information once considered private thereby creating a climate wherein privacy is generally thought to be equal to selfishness and publicness is de facto equal to public good. In what ways can artists encourage dialogue around this subject matter and what role does anonymity play in actuating online empowerment?

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applications are only accepted via the online application system (link). Applications received after the deadline of 12:00 (EST) PM (noon), November 26, 2012, will not be accepted. All applications and work samples must be submitted through the online form. No exceptions will be made. You can create a user/password during the application process and log back into the server to update your application before the final deadline.

Applicants must not be currently enrolled in degree-granting academic programs. Further, applicants are expected to show demonstrable success in previous development of related projects at this scale. Individuals and collaborative teams are invited to apply. In either case, please detail in your application how technical and creative responsibilities will be met. If applying as a collaborative team, please include information about team members' relevant prior experience and combine CV’s into a single document before uploading.

Complete applications must include the following information:

• Contact Information
• Resume or CV (.rtf, .pdf, .doc) -- combined into a single document if applying as a collaborative.
• Work sample in the form of a URL. Include a project description with your work sample that explains your contribution to the piece, how it is meant to be viewed and how it relates to your proposed project(s)/research.
• Concise responses to all application questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
• Video (max. 6 minutes) of you explaining, in person, your motivations and plans for an Eyebeam Fellowship. 

FAQ for applicants


Statement on Diversity: Eyebeam is committed to building a diverse creative environment and therefore welcomes applications from people of diverse backgrounds.  Eyebeam recognizes diversity as encompassing personal style, age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, physical ability, religion, and family.