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Speak n' Spellbinder uber bent-strument

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Data as a Creative Visual Medium - April 17
Harvestworks presents:

Jeff Thompson, Moderator
Panelists: Louisa Armbrust, Tali Hinkis, Siebren Versteeg and Ben Rubin


596 Broadway #602 New York City (at Houston St)
Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleecker, W/R Prince

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Oooh the adorable Red Ball Rocker by Knú is being reintroduced ~ adorably simple and playful! *NOTCOT

Oooh the adorable Red Ball Rocker by Knú is being reintroduced ~ adorably simple and playful!


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Everyone Will Smoke These in the Future

A new way to get sick and annoy passersby
By M. Farbman Posted 04.13.2009 at 1:00 pm 0 Comments
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Telegramstop by CH Contributor

by Laura Neilson


As older methods of correspondence become more obsolete in today's digital age, TelegramStop brings the best of the old and the new world. Through the company's website, anyone can send vintage-era telegram to any country in the world for a flat fee of $4.70.

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Super Social Security Card by Frog Design

Super Social Security Card by Frog Design

"Of the three forms of identification we have in the states - the other two being the passport and driver's license - the Social Security card is the one that unlocks your life," says Frog designer Laura Richardson.

To that end the design firm presents the Troika, an aluminum SS card with a multifunctional screen.

"By combining the familiarity and proportions of a standard ID card with the durability of a water-resistant, flexible screen and the security of biometrics, a card like this could revolutionize the future of identification," says Richardson.

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The Hardcore Continuum? A discussion

  • Published 07/04/09 Special Events
  • Event: 29/04/09
  • Location: East London, United Kingdom
  • Sponsored by The Wire
  • Links: UEL
Image: hcc_banner
The Centre for Cultural Studies Research at University of East London in association with The Wire is hosting a discussion surrounding Simon Reynolds's Hardcore Continuum idea of a thread leading through the evolution of UK dancefloor music from the breakbeat hardcore matrix of the early 1990s.

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Just as Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships, so one might say Google Maps is inspiring the launch of a thousand new applications. Case in point: Tokyo Jogging, a new mashup of Wii technology and Google Maps that allows users to take a virtual jog through the streets of Tokyo.

Created by software engineer Ryo Katsuma, Tokyo Jogging functions much like Wii Sports Jogging. Users begin by downloading free server software from the site. They then connect their Wiimote to Google Maps' Street View, and hold the Wiimote while jogging in place in front of their computer. Google's Street View guides them along the streets of Tokyo, giving the impression of a brisk jog through the city. A video demonstrates the application in action.