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Secrecy Message Service

A project in the form of service was born, Secret Message Service which enables you to express and to share the secrecies by sms anonymously. They are diffused daily thus creating a collection of confessions, low registers or light, amusing or sad. 5 exclusive in the continuation.

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A few years ago, the idea of hackers bringing the world to the brink of catastrophe was just a fun Hollywood plotline.

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Handmade Music: Bent Edition - tonight!

Coinciding with NYC's Bent Festival Handmade Music initiates an especially hacked event tonight at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. The free event features a pretty amazing lineup including -

  • "modular synth meets circuit-bent Barbie dolls. noise, drone, dance party with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics." -

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Tokyo Fiber 2009: Senseware by CH Contributor

by Kori Schulman


Talent meets technology at the second Tokyo Fiber exhibition since 2007. Senseware, a title that refers to materials that inspire creativity, features the stunning possibilities of Japanese artificial fiber technology. A mix of architects, designers, manufactures and artists make use of new fibers in inventive and unexpected ways, giving us all a glimpse into what the future of fiber holds.

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In Wiesbaden

The conference is dedicated to new approaches that are being developed in the fields of design, art, architecture, new media and economy to confront this complexity and to transform the immense flood of information into useable knowledge.

The most recent views and thoughts on this topic will be presented by speakers like Aaron Koblin of Google Creative Lab, the software artist Julian Oliver and Eric Rodenbeck from Stamen Design.

Watch Gestalten.tv's related podcast here.

See Conference, April 18th 2009 at Caligari Theatre, Marktplatz 9, Wiesbaden


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Scarygirl game online

Australian-born Nathan Jurevicius has created a plethora of characters, many of whom appear in his Scarygirl comic and in very limited edition vinyl format.

Now the Scarygirl game is officially online and free to play!

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Pirate days - April 13, 2009

While the U.S. Navy was shooting it out with pirates on the High Seas this weekend, prosecutors in Sweden, along with the movie and music companies were heading into the last week of their showdown with The Pirate Bay. A verdict in the most closely watched file-sharing case since Napster is due this week. If convicted, the four defendants who created and maintain the popular BitTorrent index site could face up to two years in jail each and civil damages of up to $14 million. The verdict will be decided by a four-judge panel.

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It might come as a surprise to some of you but it's not everyday that a major contemporary art institution in Europe dedicates some space and energy to look into one of the most prominent characteristics of today's culture: the social web. The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens is doing just that with an exhibition bearing one of the most evocative and imaginative titles i've ever read: Tag ties & affective spies. The online works selected for the show comment on the aspects of the web 2.0 and evoke more particularly the controversies that have animated its short but intense life.


Image courtesy Daphne Dragona.