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Recently it was discovered that the iPhone tracks its user's every movement without the GPS feature being enabled. While many people were appalled this happens it is the stark truth that this kind of supervision by companies exists and will be a very large part of our future. Each person is creating their own personal dataset by going about their lives and these products and services are capturing every minute of it just by sitting in one's pocket. This locative information could be seen as a commodity and bought or sold between these services. It is already happening with Facebook and Gmail Ads. Besides marketing and increasing the reach of these services what can be done with this data?

This information holds great creative potential. It is a self portrait of the user and the data can be displayed in many ways.

The following is one such example of what can be created if you had access to your own personal dataset.

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Datamining Hip-Hop’s History

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Scientific American

Anecdotes from the Archive: Map Making on Wheels

By Mary Karmelek 

Have you ever found yourself stumbling upon some great new restaurant or hiking path and, having no idea how you got there, realize its impossible to get back a second time? If only you had a cyclograph--a device that attached to a bicycle and made a topographical account of where you rode.

The cyclograph was invented by a Mr. Ferguson and featured in the May 28, 1904 issue.

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Leon Reid IV Lost In Space

Leon Reid IV Lost In Space


A sculpture on the relationship of man and technology.

Originated as a drawing to express artist's relationship with the computer.

Artist: Leon Reid IV, Brooklyn NY


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Watson’s Jeopardy performance on Monday had me asking one question?

Is this computer just a pawn, an actor?

When the game started it jumped out into a massive lead but after the actual commercial break, not the 30 min IBM one that was the show, it seemed to stumble on questions.

The engineers must have downgraded its intelligence to make for a better game.

Which leads into a much larger discussion about the future of human interactions with computers. Whether if they should be allowed to showcase their hardcoded skills or should be adjusted at the needs of humans?

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During my time as the reBlogger I have recorded my movements around the city and for my last post I figure I'd share it to give an insight to life in New York and that simply living one's life can accumulate such a large amount of information. The data set is open and free to use and reinterpret.

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Feb. 14, 1989: GPS Enters Orbit


Feb. 14, 1989: GPS Enters Orbit | This Day In Tech | Wired.com

The first of 24 satellites that will make up the global positioning system is put into orbit.

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Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Definition 1.0

OSHW Draft Definition 1.0 is based on the Open Source Definition for Open Source Software and draft OSHW definition 0.5. The definition is derived from the Open Source Definition, which was created by Bruce Perens and the Debian developers as the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

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Hackers Shut Down Government Sites

Published: February 2, 2011

The online group Anonymous said Wednesday that it had paralyzed the Egyptian government’s Web sites in support of the antigovernment protests.

Anonymous, a loosely defined group of hackers from all over the world, gathered about 500 supporters in online forums and used software tools to bring down the sites of the Ministry of Information and President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, said Gregg Housh, a member of the group who disavows any illegal activity himself. The sites were unavailable Wednesday afternoon.

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Paola Antonelli and Hadas Steiner in conversation with Mark Shepard

Friday, February 11, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

McNally Jackson Books.

52 Prince Street, New York, NY.