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it’s late, and theyre making me write something…

If, as Bifo says, “The idea that the future will be better than the present is not a natural idea, but the imaginary effect of the peculiarity of the bourgeois production model” and yet we have watched the horizon of the future crumble into the network, as (smart) dust, a layer that receives impressions but no deeper, then, (like the songs by YACHT) Utopia and Dystopia are now one, and the old bourgeois production model is over. It has been superseded by consumption on the level of gesture, to ‘like’, to tweet, to vibrate, co-mimesis between body and image, data and action, through reflexivity and recursion. Network protocols have become means of social control. By whom? A central authority? Or by the mass of impassioned churn itself?


NEW WORK: Eternal Portraits

Facebook uses face recognition software to identify its users in photos. This works via a ‘template’ of your facial features that is created from your profile images. These features — the distance between your eyes, the symmetry of your mouth — generally do not change over time. Unlike a photograph, which captures some ephemeral expression of who you are at a particular moment, a face recognition template forever remains your portrait.


Me and the new thing, getting to know each other. live 12/14 in Providence, experimenting with second version platform, live guitar processing.

People: Brian House
Research: Sound
Tags: performance, meme, shimring

Melody lines based on graduates of BFA, MFA, and PhD in the arts programs from 1984-2012. http://bfamfaphd.com/


I’m very excited about the new Multitudes album. We finished it on Christmas — “Blues” is as about as signature as a song as we could have done.


This city becomes audible when we become quiet. It’s inhabited by the small creatures, the slow creatures, the imperfect ones, both biological and mechanical, that we depend on, but which we have forgotten.

People: Brian House
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, braid

Saturday, December 14 @ 8pm, Grant Recital Hall

Group and solo performances of electronic music by:
Brian House, Jinku Kim, Luke Moldof, Ben Moreno, Asha Tamirisa, Seth Thorn

People: Brian House
Research: Sound
Tags: meme, performance

Soundscape 6
december 13th 2013, friday
Machines With Magnets
Doors at 9 pm

Brian House
Monika Heidemann (Xylos, NYC)
Neil Jackson
Rachel Rosenkrantz (LaRochelle)
Titans of Jazz
Tim O’Keefe
Priscilla Weidlein
Blevin Blectum
DJ sets by Bolik & Zib

Facebook event


I’m premiering a new work, a collaboration with Jason Rabie involving digital prints of Facebook face recognition data (will post documentation soon)…