World Music Video Presentations

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18 Nov 2004
8:00 pm

A video release party featuring live world music performances. In partnershipwith LinkTV, select graduate video and animation students were paired with roots musicians from South and West Africa, Haiti, Hungary, and Iran to revision the old world through new eyes. Screenings and presentations will be followed by live performances.

Eyebeam and Link TV announce a screening of pre-release world music videos followed by rare, live performances from Emeline Michel of Haiti, Eletfa of Hungary and Fula Flute of Guinea/West Africa. Videos by these performers and by Bakithi Kumalo of South Africa and Amir Vahab of Iran were produced in a new collaboration between Eyebeam's Education Studios and Link TV's Music programming, pairing film and video students with world musicians. The pre-release videos are the product of this fusion of music and visual art and will be presented in a free event at Eyebeam on Thursday, November 18 starting at 8:00 pm before the final versions are broadcast on Link TV.

The Link TV-Eyebeam collaboration allowed students at the university level to acquire real-world work experience, direct a professional-level project and gain public exposure for their work. Selected applicants were matched with five local world music groups within the Link TV network to develop concepts with the musicians, take part in mentoring and critiquing sessions with experienced professionals and produce a music video by the end of the program.

Link TV is the only national television station that broadcasts a regular program of world music videos and documentaries daily. Michal Shapiro, Associate Director of Music Programming at Link TV struggles to find world music videos good enough to show on their channel due to shrinking record label budgets and the perception that world music is not as “commercial” as other genres. Shapiro noted, “that only a small percentage of videos made for any market have real artistic quality.” In response to this situation, Shapiro said, “it occurred to me that we might harness the talents of student film-makers and animators to produce videos by creating a program that would be a collaboration between Link TV and an educational organization – Eyebeam.”

Liz Slagus, Director of Education at Eyebeam, stated that the world music video program is, “an opportunity to work with and reach new communities as Eyebeam often acts as a catalyst for collaboration between different types of artists - in this case, being traditional musicians and new media video makers and animators.”

The Fula Flute Ensemble was founded in New York City in 1999 and comprises some oft he finest African and African-oriented musicians in North America. The ensemble's music focuses on the tambin, the traditional flute of the Fulani people of the Fouta Djalon highlands of Guinea. It is revered for its extraordinarily emotive tone and the profound effect it has on listeners, brought about by what in the West would be called “extended technique” but which for the masters of the Fula Flute, is simply the way it has always been played.

Morgan Barnard and Luna Vega worked on “Djandjou” Instrumental by the Fula Flute Project.

Emeline Michel is the reigning queen of Haitian song. A captivating performer, versatile vocalist, accomplished dancer, songwriter and producer, she has recorded and appeared on concert stages throughout the Caribbean, Europe, North & South America, and Africa for the past 15 years. Singing both in French and Haitian Creole, her eight CDs have garnered international acclaim. Born in Gonaives and beloved by Haitians for combining traditional rhythms with social, political and inspirational content, Emeline emphasize complex themes, conscious lyrics and a broad pallette of musical styles, including the native Haitian compas, twoubadou and rara along with jazz, rock, bossa nova and samba. After working with several record labels in France, Canada and the U.S., she formed her own production company, Cheval De Feu, in 1999 and her latest CD “Rasin Kreyol,” is receiving high praise from the world music community and beyond. Emeline is also featured on two best-selling compilations CDs released by Putumayo World Music, Music From the Coffee Lands II and French Caribbean.

Gabriel Winer and Dana Karwas worked on “Bel Kongo” sung by Emeline Michel.

Életfa Hungarian Folk Ensemble plays music from Hungary, Transylvania and Slovenia, keeping the unique beauty of this musical tradition alive and growing. Formed over seventeen years ago, Életfa utilizes instruments including the violin, 3-stringed kontra, 3-stringed bass and utogardon percussive cello, or struck cello, from the Gyimes valley in the Carpathian mountains, the only place this instrument is found. The Ensemble has performed at venues such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Town Hall, Tonic, CB Gallery, Knitting Factory, the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and the Governors' Mansions in New York and in cities from San Francisco to Montreal and Miami to Settle.

Steve Harper worked on “Gyimesi kerekes és magyaros” Eletfa.

Katherine A McCaskey worked on “M’bali” (flower), by Bakithi Kumalo.

Link TV is a non-commercial nationwide satellite channel broadcasting as a basic service into 21 million US households. Dedicated to connecting Americans with the rest of the world, Link TV broadcasts a combination of issue driven and cultural programming 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Link TV is the only nationwide television station that broadcasts a regular program of world music every day. Through documentaries and video blocks, Link TV has reached viewers hungry to learn more about their world through the universal language of music. Calabash Music Fair Trade music downloads from independent world and roots artists from around the world – alternative distribution.