WiFi Teach-In (Part 1)

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18 Apr 2009
Workshop with Hans-Christoph Steiner. Photo: Christine Butler courtesy of Eyebeam

If everyone took the passwords off their wifi, we'd have a free, citywide wireless network. Sound like a good idea? Then help us make it happen!

Eyebeam's Open Cultures Research Group will be running a two-part workshop in which participants will be trained on how to open up a wifi network so that it is free, accessible, and secure for others to use without losing any bandwidth. Participants will also work together on developing a "script" for spreading the knowledge in order to convert skeptical friends, family, and neighbors into open wireless ambassadors.

Bring your laptop and your wifi router, and we'll show you how to set up your own secure open wireless network!

Projects: WiFi Teach-In
People: Hans-Christoph Steiner, Jeff Crouse, Steve Lambert
Research: Education, Open Culture
Tags: free wifi, hardware, open culture, open wireless, web


Great initiative! Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend as I'm on another continent.

Can you share a how-to for us unable to attend the workshop? Most accounts I've seen argue that it is difficult to ensure decent bandwidth with an open wifi. I'd love to know more.


Is this info published on the web? What software/settings do you use?