Ultra Hanami

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Event Type: 
Start Date: 
8 Dec 2004
7:00 pm

Please join us for hanami, the traditional Japanese celebration of the cherry blossom, as we recreate springtime in Tokyo at Eyebeam in winter. Indulge in sake, sushi and live koto music while delicate petals digitally cultivated in Eyebeam's Moving Image Studios drift around us. Later in the evening J-pop enters and the night changes forever.

Space is limited. Please reserve your seat now at Eyebeam's Online Store. All tickets will be held at Eyebeam's Will Call Desk and can be picked up with your reciept for tax deduction purposes on the night of the event. If you're unable to attend but wish to make a fully tax-deductible contribution to the Artists in Residence Program, a multidisciplinary initiative that supports creative research, production and presentation of projects that query art, technology and culture, you may do so at the Online Store.

Ultra Hanami is the latest in a series of innovative social events at Eyebeam. The Social Network Soirée featured a panel discussion addressing the cultural dynamics that drive fashion trends, enable salacious gossip and fuel Internet fads, and was followed by a reception where guests wore wireless "meme tags” that tracked and analyzed social interaction in real time. ROBOT was a four-day festival featuring a robotic talent show, exhibitions, workshops, presentations, party and a robotic masseuse.