Seeders ‘N’ Leechers ‘R’ Us #1: Clip-Kino public screening

Event Type: 
Event Type: 
youth program
Start Date: 
27 Feb 2008

Eyebeam student residents and co-curators Tahj Banks, Glen Moore, Jayquan Harris and Wandy Marcano present an evening of “Clip-Kino.” The content of the screening—also known as micro-cinema—was assembled during the Seeders ‘N’ Leechers ‘R’ Us #1 workshops led by Eyebeam resident artist Andrew Gryf Paterson. Micro-cinema refers to content downloaded from P2P online file-sharing networks; public screenings of the downloaded content—typically viewed in the context of “privacy”— are in this way shared with a larger peer group or community.

The theme of the screenings, Teen Mashup will be oriented towards the student residents’ personal interests and environments. Please note: Free popcorn!

For more information visit:

Andrew Gryf Paterson and Seeders ‘N’ Leechers documentary assistant Christina Kral are returning to Europe for the Pixelache Festival of Electronic Arts and Subcultures, Helsinki, Finland, March 13 – 16. A biannual-organizer within the Pixelache Network, Andrew will initiate and co-produce the Baltic Boxwars project, inviting Boxwars UK to Helsinki and introducing their high-energy “cardboard-clad battle” events to the local punk and electronic art subcultures in the city. Christina will document the various performances, workshops and presentations of the Pixelache Festival. | |




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