Performing in Second Life

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9 Oct 2009
Second Life Performance Night


This evening will feature three different artists/groups, which use the online virtual world of Second Life as a medium for performance art. Launched in 2003 by Linden Labs, Second Life (SL) hit widespread popularity in 2006. In this 3D-rendered world, people across the world share a networked space with unique avatars. With a completely user-generated environment, SL enables a rich world of artistic possibilities. 


Alan Sondheim along with Foofwa d'Imobilite will present a performance using the aesthetics of the Second Life environment to create an experimental choreography; Lily & Honglei will present The Merry-go-around — a virtual installation addressing a series of environmental issues in today’s China; Second Front has discovered a virtual crypt within Second Life and are inviting the public to witness its opening. Together, these three short performances (12-15 minutes each) will sample some of the contemporary trends in Second Life performance art.


The performances will be followed by a brief panel discussion and a subsequent launch party of Avvie Road — the second DVD of Second Front’s performance works.


People: Alan Sondheim (with Foofwa d'Imobilite), Lily & Honglei, Patrick Lichty, Scott Kildall
Tags: Second Front, Second Life



I had a friend that is completley obsessed with second life! I saw the MTV special on I lead a double life.. and the girl on there couldn't date in real life but had boyfriends in second life.. that was wierd to me. But I understand being shy and not being able to perform in public. Happens all the time.


i can't find the SLURL. How can i attend??????

thanks if iºts not over already.

Will the performance can also be appreciated in SecondLife? any surl?