Past Events


Machinima Filmfest 08 + Awards Ceremony

November 1, 2008

November 1, 2008
Nov. 1, 11AM, awards ceremony: 8PM
540 W. 21st St.

Join Production Lab fellow Friedrich Kirschner for the Machinema Filmfest 08, followed by the awards ceremony at 8PM.


  1. Friedrich Kirschner


UNTETHERED Panel discussion + closing reception

October 25, 2008

October 25, 2008
Sat., Oct. 25 | Panel discussion: 5PM, closing reception: 6PM
540 W. 21st St.

Curator Sarah Cook leads a discussion on art, design and obsolescence, as a closing event for the exhibition UNTETHERED.

Questioning the idea of the readymade in...

  1. Ayah Bdeir

  2. Elizabeth Stark

  3. Jessica Banks

  4. Sarah Cook


Performing Machines

October 21, 2008

A public critique and discussion of instrumental hacks (i.e., customized technologies made into musical instruments), in conjunction with Eyebeam‘s Untethered exhibition. Live demonstrations will be supplemented by a discucssion of historical and theoretical precursors for this type of work.

Schedule for...

  1. Adrianne Wortzel

  2. Hans Christoph-Steiner

  3. Jonah Brucker-Cohen

  4. JooYoun Paek


Open Studios + Park(ing) Day 2008

October 18, 2008

Visit Eyebeam for the biannual Open Studios—a rare glimpse into the practices of our current fellows, residents, and student residents. All of our three labs will be open to the public, with artists and technologists showcasing and discussing their work throughout the day.

This Open Studios will also feature Eyebeam’s...

  1. Andrea Polli

  2. Christina Kral


Open Source your mobile devices

October 14, 2008

Got an old iPod? Install iPodLinux on it and make music with a PDA! Want to play Doom on your iPod Video? Install Rockbox on your iPod, and still use the original Apple software too. Free that PDA and turn it into an 8-bit sequencer or touchscreen guitar. Or hook up an Arduino to your old wifi router and discover what’s...

  1. Hans Christoph-Steiner


Other Options Closing Reception + (RE) auction

October 11, 2008

Please join us for the live (RE) SALE auction on Saturday, October 11, as part of the closing of Other Options. The auction (with special guest auctioneer) will begin at 5PM, followed by a reception at 6PM.

(RE) is an alternative RED campaign that aims to: raise awareness for AIDS in Africa, encourage conscious...

  1. Forays

  2. Geraldine Juarez

  3. Joanna Spitzner

  4. Josh Greene

  5. Material Exchange

  6. Mikey Merrill

  7. Phil Orr/Ryan Thompson

  8. ReTool


Screening of FOOD + talk by Nato Thompson

October 4, 2008

FOOD (Gordon Matta-Clark, 1972, 43 min.) is a film documenting the legendary SoHo restaurant and artists' cooperative that opened in 1971. Owned and operated by Caroline Goodden, FOOD was designed and built largely by Matta-Clark, who also organized art events and performances there.

As a social space,...

  1. Nato Thompson

  2. Robert Kushner


Oprah’s Linux Club

October 4, 2008

Join Jamie Wilkinson and senior fellow Steve Lambert in launching Oprah's Linux Club. Based loosely on Oprah Winfrey's popular book club, OLC attempts to bring free and open source computing to the masses.

  1. Jamie Wilkinson

  2. Steve Lambert


UNTETHERED Opening Reception

September 25, 2008

Join Untethered curator and Eyebeam curatorial fellow Sarah Cook for the opening of the show and a chance to meet the artists of Untethered. A guided tour of the exhibition will follow talks by the artists listed below.

Michel de Broin, an internationally recognized artist from Montreal who is based...

  1. Addie Wagenknecht

  2. Ayah Bdeir

  3. Germaine Koh

  4. Hans-Christoph Steiner

  5. Jessica Banks

  6. Joe Winter

  7. JooYoun Paek

  8. Kelly Dobson

  9. Max Dean

  10. Michel de Broin

  11. Nor_/d (Addie Wagenknecht + Stefan Hechenberger)

  12. Paul DeMarinis

  13. Sarah Cook

  14. Sascha Pohflepp

  15. Thomson & Craighead



September 25, 2008 - October 25, 2008

A sculpture garden of readymades

Untethered was a sculpture garden of everyday objects deprogrammed of their original function, embedded with new intelligence, and transformed into surrealist and surprising readymades, including a photocopier that reads the night sky; a PDA turned guitar; and a...

  1. Ayah Bdeir

  2. Germaine Koh

  3. Hans-Christoph Steiner

  4. Jessica Banks

  5. Joe Winter

  6. JooYoun Paek

  7. Kelly Dobson

  8. Max Dean

  9. Michel de Broin

  10. Nor_/d

  11. Thomson and Craighead


Artist as Foundation: Giving it Away

September 19, 2008

Other Options: Panel discussion + AAAFFF Awards Ceremony

Panelists: Josh Greene, Service-Works; Geraldine Juárez, Tanda Foundation; Joanna Spitzner, JS Foundation. Moderated by Abigail Satinsky and Ben Schaafsma of InCUBATE and Sunday Soup Granting Fund.

Followed by the Anti-Advertising Agency (Anne...

  1. Abigial Satinsky

  2. Anne Elizabeth Moore

  3. Ben Schaafsma

  4. Geraldine Juarez

  5. Joanna Spitzner

  6. Josh Greene

  7. Steve Lambert


Other Options

September 18, 2008 - October 11, 2008

Other Options, a traveling exhibition and program series that began in October 2007, investigated ways in which artists are dealing with the current climate of support for cultural production. By increasingly incorporating new models of resource allocation, community building, funding structures and forms of exchange...

  1. Forays

  2. Geraldine Juarez

  3. Joanna Spitzner

  4. Josh Greene

  5. Material Exchange

  6. Mikey Merrill

  7. Phil Orr/Ryan Thompson

  8. ReTool


Fashion Week workshop with JooYoun Paek

September 13, 2008

In conjunction with Conflux Festival 2008, Eyebeam alum JooYoun Paek leads a workshop on how to make your own Self-Sustaining Dress, a dress made out of...

  1. JooYoun Paek


Fashion Week with Ayah Bdeir

September 6, 2008

Join us at 4pm on Saturday when R&D OpenLab fellow Ayah Bdeir will hold a runway show of her and Luma Shihab-Eldin's Syrian-style technologically hacked lingerie on the street in front of Eyebeam.


For more information, visit:


  1. Ayah Bdeir


Light-mobs Morse Code workshops

September 6, 2008 - September 7, 2008

Eyebeam senior fellow Geraldine Juárez is recruiting a team for her Light-mobs, during Conflux Festival 2008. The Light-mobs are flash-mob style actions where communication between participants happens in morse...

  1. Geraldine Juarez


Eyebeam Summer School: Robots and How We See...

July 22, 2008

Artist Andrew Mahon, whose work is included in the Double Take exhibition, will demonstrate his project digitallyFit, which allows you to modify your body image in real time. He will talk about the digital representation, and misrepresentation of self, from the most banal mediums such as the...

  1. Adrianne Wortzel

  2. andrew mahon

  3. David Jimison

  4. Jeff Crouse


Tourist Photography Club Workshop

July 19, 2008

Commission exhibition, Tourists and Travelers last day; Taeyoon Choi will give a guided tour with Camerautomata Charlie and the Tourist Photography Club.

  1. Taeyoon Choi


Eyebeam Summer School: Hardware Hacking for...

July 15, 2008

Justin Downs and Rucyl Mills, artists presenting their work in the exhibition Double Take will discuss interaction and how they made their project Watch What You Are.

Eyebeam R&D Openlab fellow Ayah Bdier will present her newest project littleBits and discuss open source...

  1. Ayah Bdeir

  2. Hans Christoph-Steiner

  3. Justin Downs

  4. Rucyl Mills