Digital Day Camp 2002

Event Type: 
youth program
Start Date: 
1 Jul 2002 - 28 Jul 2002
Programming Series: 
Digital Day Camp

Digital Day Camp 2002 (DDC02) investigated architecture, public art, and memorials in contemporary society, via the theme "Building for the Void." The program addressed both the area destroyed by the September 11th attacks and its impact on the city's collective consciousness. Participants learned 3ds max, a 3D developing software donated to Eyebeam by Discreet Logic, along with the fundamentals of architectural design for unusual and highly sensitive areas. The tools were taught by local architects and new media artists and technologists, in conjunction with a curriculum focusing on the ethics of designing and building for sensitive topics and public spaces. Students' final projects took the form of a memorial for September 11th, to be placed in outer space, (applying parameters set by NASA). Students were able to use Eyebeam's 3-D printer throughout the program, creating actual 3-D models of their memorials for the final exhibition.