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April 12, 2004
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D-Tonate challenges the conventional music video format and allows the viewer to interact with the films selected. rough edits of D-Tonate were sent to musicians worldwide who produced soundtracks for the films. nine films were created and re-interpreted in up to five versions, which can be randomly accessed. 10 tracks [5 exclusive] features internationally acclaimed electronica musicians including kid 606, scanner, ken ishii + funkst├Ârung.┬áIncludes over 90 minutes of multiangle films and multi-audio tracks utilising dynamic 3d space over 5:1 audio. d-tonate pushes the boundaries of dvd technology creating a totally unique video experience.

D-Fuse is a group of designers from varied disciplines, who work across a range of creative media from the web, print, tv, film, art + architecture, to live and mobile media. D-Fuse ?paint + animate sound? in terms of a cross disciplinary use of creative elements to form a unique visual language. D-Fuse's unique visual art has been exhibited at many international film festivals, including sonar, onedotzero and seoul + won the netmage/diesel award for world vjing championships in bologna, italy. D-Fuse is working in collaboration with electronic musicians such as scanner and leftfield to contemporary classical musicians alter ego [who collaborate with sciarrino + philip glass].

DVD Duration: 90 minutes approx.

PAL format

People: D-Fuse
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