Harim Song

Harim is a Film, Animation, Video graduate from RISD and is currently studying Interactive Media (Digital Art Dept.) at Pratt to get her MFA. She enjoys making fun videos and animations and learning programming tools to make even cooler projects :)

Eyebeam CV
People: Diana Eng
Research: Education
Tags: wearables
Start Date: 
22 May 2008

During Project Walkway, eight female participants of Girls Eye View Spring 2008 from local high school Bayard Rustin Academy for Art and Music have been learning the fundamentals of electronics and wearable technologies. The program will end with a runway show and book launch of Sabine Seymour's Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology, on May 22.

Project Walkway, this year's Girls Eye View program, was be taught by former Eyebeam resident Norene Leddy with current R&D OpenLab fellows Ayah Bdeir and Jessica Banks.


With the amiable assistance of a set of Dutch identical twins, resident artist Di Mainstone will be continuing her tour of SHAREWEAR in Germany this week.   Last seen at Eyebeam’s Mixer event, the dresses will be unpacked and assembled as part of a live performance at I-Machine Festival, to be held in Oldenburg 15th – 18th May.


Projects: Sharewear
People: Di Mainstone
Tags: wearables, Sharewear, performance
flying panty, magnet panty

After decades of running her kinky Syrian lingerie store in the Hamidiya souk of Damascus, Teta Haniya comes to America bearing gifts. With over 60 years of Islamic teachings on seduction, and an arsenal of kitschy electronics, Teta Haniya hijacks the western panty, triggering the sexual liberation of the American woman.


Project Created: 
June 2008
Projects: Workshop 1
People: Rachel Green, Jen Park, Di Mainstone, Aline
Research: Urban Research
Tags: wearables, playful, Isolation, interactive, connection, body
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Robot Clothes will be teaching Pocket Workshops to high school students as part of Eyebeam's Digital Day Camp program. This year's theme is wearables.  They will teach the basics of wearable computing materials(conductive fabrics, thread, and fasteners) through the fabrication and assembly of a robotic pocket that crawls on clothing.  Robot Clothes will lead a more advanced workshop for adults on the second day of the event as part of the Summer School at Eyebeam program.


In Re-Surface: The Facade of the Synthetic, KnoWear posits the concept that Post-Modern identity has turned from identifying with the body as a natural organism to the idea of the body as a synthetic product. Hypercritical to advertising and the media's impact on this idea, The Facade of the Synthetic features moving images in video form called ‘Body Billboards’, small electronic areas of advertisements placed on the skin surface, formed to follow the contours of the human body and inspired by classic tattoos hybridized with every day product brand names and logos. The Facade of the Synthetic utilizes OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) screens, a thin flexible display technology that receives and displays video input, incorporated with an installation of sampled and edited advertising campaigns projected on to the gallery walls, creating an ever-changing kaleidoscope of background images and noise.

Project Created: 
January 2003
People: Carla Ross Allen, Knowear, Peter Allen
Project Type: Activism, Hardware, Wearables
Tags: wearables
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