BERLIN taz | Fünf Tage, sechs Menschen und eine Software: Für Adam Hyde reicht das aus, um ein Buch von der Idee bis zur druckfertigen Version entstehen zu lassen. Klingt irre?


Collaborative Futures in

The German newspaper has covered our Collaborative Futures booksprint. (English translation here) There has apparently been a lot of buzz about the book during Transmediale. I have received a lot of emails about it, mostly from people who think I am still there and want to pick up copies.


TM 2010 Habibi >> White Noise

White Noise by Žilvinas Kempinas




Gatwick not Schönefeld

Stranded in Horley

Started a riot.


Flew in Late

Personal pick-up

Ashram night

Pretty kitties

3 hrs sleep

Got dizzy trying yoga at 5.10 am

Stared at a yantra copy for 30 minutes quid

Continued staring at these ladies.

Transmediale 2010 begins today.


Transmediale FLOSSmanuals booksprint

I’m on the airplane back from the Transmediale FLOSSmanuals booksprint in Berlin. In five days, six core authors, one programmer, and a handful of additional local and remote contributors collaboratively wrote, edited, and published Collaborative Futures, a book on collaboration. We started Monday morning with only two words: the title of the book. As we raised a toast to our success with the festival director Stephen Kovats at 10PM Friday, we sent the book to the printer. It is due back on Wednesday.


We did it!

It took 5 days, no pre-coordination, we didn’t know each other in advance, we don’t necessarily agree on a lot of things, but we wrote a book together – more than 30,000 words written, edited, redited. On Monday it will be sent to the printer and that’s it. Kind of…Well the book is open ended, the first release will be printed next week but anyone can go and add to the book or edit the current version.

The book (PDF & ePub versions to follow soon) turned out way way way more successful than I expected, but maybe it’s only because I didn’t get enough sleep. We covered a lot of ground, many of our chapters are skeptical others are very hopeful. Some of the collaborations mentioned in the book refer to examples as new as last week (Haiti), some are very personal, some are just hilarious.

Projects: ShiftSpace, The Upgrade!, youarenothere, Collaborative Futures
People: Mushon Zer-Aviv
Research: Middle East, Open Culture
Tags: in English, book sprint, collaboration, collaborative futures, disclaimer, done, transmediale, honorary resident

4 days of intense collaboration have passed. 1 more day left to go. I’m tired.

Networking with new collaborators

Marta and I comparing quotes and cats - pic by Mandiberg / Flickr

Projects: Collaborative Futures, youarenothere, The Upgrade!, ShiftSpace
People: Mushon Zer-Aviv
Research: Open Culture, Middle East
Tags: honorary resident, transmediale, quotes, collaborative futures, collaboration, cats, bullshit, book sprint, in English

This is so much fun!

On the second day of our “Collaborative Futures” book sprint (read the posts about it and about day 1) I was still very skeptical about our process and our chances of success. But as the day progressed the project started taking shape and I’m actually even more excited about it now (and the same goes for the rest of us).

Most of our work today was actually heads on writing and from time to time some more lower level structure stuff. I focused mainly on definition issues and wrote drafted three chapters under this section tentatively titled: Sharing is the First Step Towards Collaboration, Coordination Mechanisms, Does Aggregation Constitute Collaboration?

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