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Yael Raviv

March 5, 2010, 6:30PM
Anarchy in the Kitchen
Umami Food & Art Festival
February 24 – March 14, 2010

Tickets: $15
Available through: or Tel: 212-868-4444
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
540 W. 21st St. NY, NY 10011

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I am getting ready for my first NYC runway show, the Fairytale Fashion Show, on Feb. 24th at Eyebeam. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about some of the preparations, on CRAFT and here at Make: Online

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Nobody can doubt the effort of scientists when it comes to transistors and their importance in modern technological advancements. Over time, transistors have been in the market, designed from singular molecules. Electron flow in these transistors has been facilitated by the modulation of energy produced by molecular orbits or orbital. This behavior has greatly influenced the genesis of current and future molecular transistors and other devices. Since transistors (integration of circuit elements) work with the electric current flowing within the electrodes (drain and source electrodes), trying to improve voltage put to the 3rd electrode, normally referred to as gate electrode, the manufacture of these transistors takes time, money and energy.


FEBRUARY 24, 2010, 7PM
Fairytale Fashion Show



After realizing that calculus and engineering weren’t exactly her style, Diana Eng decided to put her quantitative talents to work elsewhere: in the fashion industry.


Diana Eng (Project Runway, Season 2) will present her innovative educational project that teaches about math, science, and technology through fashion.


Fashion Designer, Diana Eng (Project Runway), who combines science and technology in her work is partnering with the Treasure Academy to explore Fairytale Fashion concepts.

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Internet giant's decision comes amid a clampdown on the internet in China over the last year

Google, the world's leading search engine, has thrown down the gauntlet to China by announcing it is no longer willing to censor search results on its Chinese website.

In an unexpected announcement, the technology company said the decision followed a cyber attack which it believes was an attempt to gather information on Chinese human rights activists.

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February 2006
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The interaction between culture and economy was famously explored by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer by the term 'Kulturindustrie' (The Culture Industry) to describe the production of mass culture and power relations between capitalist producers and mass consumers. Their account is a bleak one, but one that appears to hold continuing relevance, despite being written in 1944. Today, the pervasiveness of network technologies has contributed to the further erosion of the rigid boundaries between high art, mass culture and the economy, resulting in new kinds of cultural production charged with contradictions. On the one hand, the culture industry appears to allow for resistant strategies using digital technologies, but on the other it operates in the service of capital in ever more complex ways. This publication, the fi rst in the DATA browser series, uses the concept of the culture industry as a point of departure, and tests its currency under new conditions.

People: Joasia Krysa, Geoff Cox, Anya Lewin
Tags: technology, Economy
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