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November 2007
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Describes how water politics, cars and freeways, and immigration and globalization have shaped Los Angeles, and how innovative social movements are working to make a more livable and sustainable city.


Window Farms is a group that’s developing and cultivating a DIY system of edible hydroponic gardens which use recycled materials and are built with urban window spaces in mind.

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3 Dec 2009

Play it Cool? In Search of an Ethics and Aesthetics for dealing with Climate Change.

But why not play it cool? Why not survive
By Nature’s laws that still keep us alive?

~Wendell Berry

An anti-consumerist ethic and politics should therefore appeal
not only to altruistic compassion and environmental concern
but also to the more self-regarding gratifications of consuming differently:
to a new erotics of consumption or hedonist 'imaginary'."

~ Kate Soper

A Workshop with Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, and Fritz Ertl



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People: Marina Zurkow, Una Chadhuri, Fritz Ertl
Research: Education, Sustainability
Tags: climate, sustainability, play it cool, education


RSVP by sending the number in your party to (limit 30 people).

Windowfarms are vertical hydroponic, veggie-producing curtains made primarily of recycled materials or parts available at local hardware stores. New Yorkers can grow a portion of their own organic food year-round in their apartments and offices by building windowfarms from open source designs that keep evolving through mass collaboration at At the workshop, participants will:


Brooke Singer launched a new workshop, demolition drugstore!, at last month's Conflux festival. The workshop is part of a larger project,

FREE POSTERS from the workshop are now available at the Eybeam bookstore. Grab one while supplies last! This poster, titled Our Chemically Modified Organisms (CMOs), describes the numerous and sometimes unusual transformations that are taking place within a variety organisms due to synthetic chemical production and pollution.

For current information, follow the blog.

Projects: demolition drugstore!, undesigning
People: Brooke Singer
Research: Sustainability
Tags: bioart, free, poster, sustainability, workshop

Watch the whole thing. Or at least the first 12 minutes. Its worth it. Fascinating. It is so familiar that I feel like I was shown this in grade school… alongside Powers of Ten.

Some things have changed since Ulrich Franzen made it: waterfronts are now viewed as more precious potential parks than he views the street. Putting a two mile long building on any waterfront would not work these days. Also, his vision of shared cars is starting to come true, with shared rentable cars now available in most cities, and bicycle share programs across Europe and heading stateside. I wondered if today’s political and economic culture could handle he importance and respond to the difficulty of such massive change; a review of Boston’s tragically executed and financially draining Big Dig would be a good case study in what can go wrong. All that said, I felt there were two things missing: Subways and Bicycles.


Britta Riley’s work plays with current structures for innovation in our culture and celebrates the wisdom of ordinary people. By means of a process she calls R&D-I-Y (research and develop it yourself), she applies a pedestrian mentality to intractable global issues to surprising effect. The resultant artifacts conjure lifestyles of a future sustainable society that are startlingly within reach. She brings the proposals to the public for further innovation thereby inviting ordinary people to participate in solving big environmental problems immediately through mass collaboration. Her DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee project, in collaboration with Rebecca Bray, helped people turn their pee into fertilizer for their houseplants through kits, events, and an installation. Her current project,, helps New Yorkers grow food in their apartments year-round by means of hydroponic window curtains.

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Tuesday August 11, 2009

Doors:6pm; Start: 7pm

Presented by Galapagos Art Space + Flavorpill

Career Camp brings together industry-leading thinkers and next wave ideas in order to stimulate discussion, sharpen skills, and illuminate what comes next. Our GREEN session features Marc Alt, President and Creative Director, Marc Alt + Partners, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Executive Director of Eyebeam, and Rick Thompson, COO of GreenTech Media, and a representative from Media Bistro TBA.

16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


On Thursday, May 7th 2009, 15 Loughlin students in Brooklyn had a video-conference call via Skype with students from St. Francis Assisi Academy in Liverpool, England. The purpose of the call was to share thoughts about global warming. St. Francis is also a Lasallian school and the conversation was part of a community project they did called Climate for Change.

Projects: Climate for Change - Is the world ready for change
People: Emma Lloyd
Research: Education, Sustainability
Tags: Climate for Change, education, sustainability, youth, FACT
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