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Jade here.

Requesting to receive transmission.

As our time closes at Eyebeam (for now!) we're getting a little teary-eyed, but want to finish our residency here SUPER STRONG.

As of right now, I do have a concept for a project-- It's called SO STEREOTYPICAL!!1

It's a comedic way to talk about racism and stereotypes that are placed on the citizens (or illegal aliens FROM OUTER SPAAACE) here in America. I don't know how I'm going to execute this idea, but I'll figure out some way to get it done. Or maybe I'm just being super secretive and won't tell you, dear reader, because I don't want you to steal my idea.

Whatever floats your boat.

I'm working with caraballo-farman on Object Breast Cancer, I believe materializing these tumors in either photoshop and/or 3D studio Max. Their website is right hurrr: It's super cool, and you should check it out.


Today, we (the student residents) continued our meeting series that has been going on for the past week or two. We have been meeting with the new artists working at Eyebeam. So far we have talked to Kaho Abe (Fellow), Ted Southern (Resident), Tahir Hemphill (Resident), and Dustyn Roberts (Resident), who are all doing amazing work. But today we met with Jacob Ciocci, a new fellow. He showed us some of his old work, along with some of his projects he is going to be working on at Eyebeam, and to say the least his work is intense. As he explained to us, he enjoys working with color, especially the neons of the '80's, and uses remixed VHS tapes to make his audience investigate certain ideas which straddle of the border of cliche and meaningful. But his work is not limited to video; he has published 'zines, books, paintings, music, and the list continues. Below is a sample of his work.


Today wrapped up a month of website design with Wordpress.  Students spent the past month learning about design, content, and functionality of  Now they each have a fully-functional blog with interactive widgets featuring a wide array of subjects.


Eyebeam & the Institute of Play collaborated to produce some amazing workshops at Q2L... and here are the links to the event videos!  Superhero Costume Design Using Crazy-Cool Paper Folding Techniques, led by Diana Eng, taught students the mechanical engineering behind deployable structures.


While our preparations seemed endless for U.W.A.C. day, it came and went all in an instant. Not only did we successfully reach our goals of reiterating nature into an urban environment, but we were able to peek the interests of viewers of all ages. From infants to the elderly, even a few dogs joined in on the fun with their owners. More importantly we were able to get our point across and people were able to appreciate the project and in many cases join in on our cause. Our original design of news and tissue paper flowers acted as the perfect decorative shell for the plant pods we placed in the center. The wires wrapped around the center of the flowers acted as stems; allowing us to place them on scaffolding, gates, fences, etc. Everyone left our workshop with either their very own paper flower planter or a sense of accomplishment by donating their paper flower planters to us. A few hours into the event we ventured to 10th Avenue between 24th and 25th street.


It was another great afternoon as a group continued developing their blogs and websites.  Blogs from sports to crafty creative projects to documenting an-animation-in-process are coming together and looking fantastic. The drop-in program runs every Thursday from 3-6PM, so be sure to drop by!

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