Review of Eyebeam curatorial research partners Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook (CRUMB)'s, Rethinking Curating: Art after the New Media

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Topological insulators seem to be the latest hot topic of study in condensed matter physics. This review, which presumably will soon appear in Rev. Mod. Phys., provides a comprehensive review of our understanding of this complex and rich system.

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TBMmapWeb1wo weeks ago I came across Sarah Nelson Wright’s compelling statement about Brooklyn Makes published here on Urban Omnibus. A thoughtful text for a contemplative project. I stopped by when she presented the project recently on the streets of North Brooklyn. Wright made three short videos of three different manufacturers in the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Industrial Zone, and then projected them onto the outside walls for two nights. Magical! It was like you could see right through the walls of these mysterious buildings to all the life and energy inside. Brooklyn does still make things.


Between Spaces: On's "Beam Me Up"

Claire L. Evans reviews "Beam Me Up" on Rhizome

Wednesday, July 29th


"Beam Me Up" is an online exhibition for's ongoing exhibition about space, for which Sarah Cook of CRUMB, the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss, and Eyebeam Curatorial Research Associate, commissioned new work by artists and scientists, Jayanne English, Alec Finlay, Eyebeam Alum Joe Winter, and Eyebeam Jamie O'Shea.

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