the reign

from a distance under azure skies,
azure turns, and you can hear the cries
of monstrous grommets of venom, leaf, and rose,
transforming culture into brickyard prose,
but here the blackness turns against the screen,
and one can only see what one has only seen,
the frame says all, what's inside's disappeared,
and in all likelihood, curtailed what one has feared,
that nothing states its name in noise and hurricane,
or if it does, one leaves, with nothing but the rain.

with Mark Skwarek, Azure Carter



(edited (edited computer computer video video from from Second Second Life
Life performance performance - - I one love of this the video, few one of
of mine the with few narrative) mine love with this narrative) video,

(Surrounding twisted (Surrounding installation twisted performance: both
both of these were were created created from Eyebeam open open
performance: studio footage)

(Inside Jackson Moore's (Inside brilliant Jackson Spacepod Moore's
multi-speaker brilliant array creates that the creates illusion illusion


painting, labor, performance

labor around second life: on-the-fly augmented reality, movement
improvisation in relation to images; 'accompaniment' with oud : : performances by Azure Carter,
Mark Skwarek, Alan Sondheim at Open Studios, Eyebeam

paint/Support-Surface in second life, day and night : : golden hour day
painting in Second Life with mesh, other modifications : golden hour night
ptg. in SL w/mesh + mods



Hallucinations, of the dream- or virtual-world: no errors are intentional,
from what now would be considered the virtual, introjection and the tensed
body, half-virtual, half-'real.' WHO CARES ABOUT death in virtual worlds,
coupled with issues of virtuality and pain, not to mention incredible
arousal and sex? My RESEARCH GROUP on virtuality and philosophy deals with
this, as well as vicarious trauma, virtual trauma from the psychoanalyti-
cal aspects of virtual interiority; it's something I've been - ether -
representing the universal radiations of the virtual from virtual reality
interaction software, through software itself which is online or offline
in relation to 'virtual' worlds - OR OR CARES? of of OFFLINE, OR WHO
Hallucinations, of Hallucinations, WHO OR OFFLINE, of of CARES? OR OR
CARES? of of CARES? OR OR WHO Hallucinations, of OFFLINE, OR OFFLINE, of

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: real, virtual


Flotsam is floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo. Jetsam is part of a
ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is purposefully cast overboard or
jettisoned to lighten the load in time of distress and that sinks or is
washed ashore. Lagan is cargo that is lying on the bottom of the ocean,
sometimes marked by a buoy, which can be reclaimed. Derelict is cargo that
is also on the bottom of the ocean, but which no one has any hope of
reclaiming. (Wikipedia)

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:

Ligan \Li"gan\ (l[imac]"g[ait]n), n. [Cf. L. ligare to bind, to
tie, ligamen band, bandage, E. ligament, or ligsam.] (Law)
Goods sunk in the sea, with a buoy attached in order that
they may be found again. See {Jetsam} and {Flotsam}. [Written
also {lagan}.] --Blackstone.


some older theory that might be of interest here, on real/virtual:
some characteristics of organic and emanent life - see

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