pic of the day

(Got this welcome message for 2011 :-) Thx Tönjes! – found at Cafe MÖRDER in a fortune cookie)


(Fat cat tries to hide in a pile of Lego “Playwith me!”)


(Public intervention by unknown/(anonymous).Found by Boris on Kopenhagernerstr. Berlin, thx Boris!)


(found public sculpture by anonymous, Gerichtstr. Berlin)


( Temporary sculpture in public by anonymous, found last week on Gerichtstr. Berlin)


(found public sulpture by anonymous (?) at Nordbahnhof, Berlin)


(Construction site markup language CSML is awesome in NYC! More pics on flickr, found on 8th Ave, 16th St)


(Open air gallery found on 22nd ST, 10th AVE, Chelsea, NYC)

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