Security Patterns - Studio Visit Install

I just put up an installation of work at Eyebeam for Studio Visits. This is work I have been producing over the last 6 months. The work is primarily old found books cut with the laser cutter, as well as some laser cut drawings.

FDIC Insured - Studio Visit Install


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Vaughn Bell, a Seattle-based artist, created these biosphere boxes suspended from the ceiling. The artist had a box up at Bumbershoot, in Seattle, that I saw in-person. It feels like a different world when you stick your head in, especially in the two-person. He calls the installation “Village Green”. More from inhabitat.

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101 Current Projects

team meeting one. we spent all day tuesday to come up with this list of the 98 projects we were working on. since then i remembered 4 more

i’ve got 99 problems and… here they are. all spelled out on a white board.


New laser cut work from the "Summer Reading" show at Jen Bekman gallery in NYC.

Yes, the cut goes all the way through all of the phonebooks.




Addicted to the Internet

Who isn’t?


Marisa Olson, Myself, and Tim Whidden at the Eyebeam Benefit.  I'm wearing my late grandfather's tux and my late grandmother's silver mesh necklace.  Two of their favorite things.

Flickr Photo Download: Eyebeam Benefit Ver3.0, 06/16/09.


These pix were taken right at 6pm, so there was close to no one there yet. By 7pm, the room was packed. Thanks all for coming. The show is up through June 9th. Ping me if you want a walkthrough.

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries


Mandiberg on the Ferry

So I found it. On the top deck. It is the first time I’ve ridden the ferry since it went up. The publicity office at school gave me my own mounted copy… to put up in my office!!???! (yikes)

Michael Mandiberg on the Staten Island Ferry



I’m totally getting obsessed with gold. I give all credit to Marisa Olson. But I want real gold.

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