• The DeMilitarized Zone between North + South Korea is to be turned into a protected wildlife zone.This is one of the rare areas that has been left completely untouched for 50 years and is home to several endangered species like to Korea Tiger and Asiatic Black Bear. While only 2 miles wide, it provides a 155 mile corridor for animals to move freely.

    CNN published a series of photos by photographer, Choi Byung Kwan.


    Its a nice reminder to realize that mother nature can still shut down the airspace over a whole continent.

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    1703 Right of Copy

    This is a reproduction of the original 1703 Right of Copy. Queen Anne granted Oxford the right to publish Clarendon’s History for 14 Years.

    Yes. 14 Years. Just think of all the work between 1924 and… 1986 that would be part of the Public Domain



    Bright Bike color chart

    Somehow I didn’t blog this image.  This is the range of colors for the Bright Bike DIY Kits ( These are 3M Scotchlite 680 retroreflective vinyl kits that are solid colors in daylight and super bright in headlights at night.

    Right now, I have a campaign going on to scale the project up. If you are coming to this post after March 2nd, when that campaign ends, you can get the kits at


    Gluten Free Scan
    Without hands (click through to see the full 5000px wide image)

    Gluten Free Scan with Hands
    With hands (click through to see the full 5000px wide image)


    My Bike Ticket

    This story is too long to tell, but leave it to suffice I got a ticket for some policeman not looking as he walked into the street. My ticket reads “FAIL TO USE DUE CARE.” The irony is that I was on a Transportation Alternatives sponsored ride as part of the Bike New Amsterdam bike slam think tank.

    I have contested it, and look forward to my court date 6 months from now on Staten Island. They probably think that scheduling people on Staten Island is a quick way to get them to give in and pay the fine, but it is half a mile from CSI.  My home turf. I look forward to riding my bike over to see the judge and tell him what really happened.


    Atau Tanaka bridges the fields of media art, experimental music, and research. He worked at IRCAM, was Artistic Ambassador for Apple France, and was researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, and was an Artistic Co-Director of STEIM in Amsterdam. Atau creates sensor-based musical instruments for performance, and is known for his work with biosignal interfaces. He seeks to harness collective musical creativity in mobile environments, seeking out the continued place of the artist in democratized digital forms. His work has been presented at Ars Electronica, SFMOMA, Eyebeam, V2, ICC, and ZKM and has been mentor at NESTA.

    Eyebeam CV
    SExhibiting Artist

    FDIC Insured: County Bank

    I actually got to see a real life failed bank! County Bank is, er… was on Market Street in San Francisco, a few blocks from the Embarcadero and Ferry Terminal.  Truly downtown in the midst of it.  And failed.


    Richard Serra @ Gagosian

    They did three load in days w/ this obscenely large crane. At first we thought they loaded them in, and then three days later, loaded them out. We couldn’t believe the hubris of Larry Gagosian to spend that much cash on installing those works for three days… so someone could see them?  Then we realized they all just looked the same and they were just packing them in. I think there are about nine of these monsters in the space.

    Serra’s work has always been about cutting off traffic…


    Beautiful landscapes of meat and towering slices of juicy hide. Carnivores delight. Vegetarians look elsewhere.
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