Wadih Sader in Projection / Commentary

Wadih Sader in Projection

The State Department brought 10 Asian journalists to Eyebeam today,and some of us showed what we have been working on. The images beloware from Second Life, with Wadih Sader in relation to the projections.


I have now the entire text "Krasis" posted online on my website:


- From Monika Weiss; we're collaborating in a few months. I respect her work incredibly; she works with uncomfortable issues of history, memory, mourning, lamentation... - please check out.


- Alan



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Are you interested in being an emissary from the future?

For my upcoming “2049″ show at the Dump in San Francisco, one of the artworks that will be featured will be a phone booth where you can talk to someone from the year 2049. People can pick up the phone (it will be set up as a live line) and talk to an ambassador-from-the-future, who will answer questions about what life is like in the year 2049.


Last week, I began a 4-month residency at Recology San Francisco (a.k.a. The Dump) where I make art solely from the refuse that people drop off in their cars and trucks. I am treating this residency as a performance.

I am playing the role of a prospector from the future who mines the garbage heaps of a past civilization to build technologies to survive. Trawling through construction debris, discarded electronics and the scraps of people’s lives, I am making blueprints and building imaginary devices such as a food synthesizer and an infinite battery.


This event is closed to the public.
Start Date: 
18 Jan 2011
Private Workshop

Contemporary Art Students from the University of Huddersfield in the UK participate in a half-day interactive mask workshop led by Eyebeam X-Lab resident David Jimison, where students develop their own interactive masks that explore issues of online identity. During the workshop, students design and decorate their masks, and then wire them with LEDs and el wire.  Through the maskmaking process and then interacting online while wearing them, students explore methods of augmenting online personas. At the workshop’s conclusion, students create a series of photographs for posting on various social networks, and engaging with people via video chat.

This was a private workshop, designed specifically for this visiting group. If you would like a workshop like this, email stephanie at to inquire about costs and program structure.


photo of Steve Lambert by Jennifer Sharpe

Free as in Freedom and Free as in Free Beer: a talk and walking tour with jokes

A presentation of the various definitions of “Free,” from human liberation, the law, freedom of movement, to economics.


Last Thursday, I exhibited After Thought, a performance-installation that I developed while at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center at Art in Odd Places in New York (check out their AIOP website, there’s some great projects there).

As the name implies, these performances that happen in unusual spots in the city, this one being at the 14th Street Y.



MeanRed joins forces with Eyebeam to curate an epic audiovisual art party w/ Extreme Animals & DâM-FunK!

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