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when all is abandoned, when i die before my time
the video which surrounds the others, the other,
the video which is a gift from the other to the
other and the video which is the seeing of some
of death to the world, unworlding beyond


memoria hd

probably no one will watch these, large files reduced from hd, final
versions of windmills and walkthroughs. the memorial is in the placing
of them. the memorial is in the waiting and uploading and the thinking
of the past through the future already collapsed. these are the last
views. there are the final times. i could not have written without the
vestige, punctum, of a home. i needed a place to stand. i can't stand
in new york. i can't stand in atlanta, fukuoka, halifax, los angeles,
hobart, perth and nottingham. unable to stand i write diacritically,
i place the vowels against the hardness of insistent letters, the


Wadih Sader in Projection / Commentary

Wadih Sader in Projection

The State Department brought 10 Asian journalists to Eyebeam today,and some of us showed what we have been working on. The images beloware from Second Life, with Wadih Sader in relation to the projections.


uncanny beauty with avatar choreography of minuscule particulates

trills, spills, and chills
what they do when they are dancing

odd cries and whimpers over mara the creatrix from mara the avatar

the sad sound of molecular machines saying goodbye to their own
how they sound when they are being made



just when you think you're hollow enough to swallow the world,
and there's nothing left for you to do but cuddle under the walls,
light bursts forth, dissolving everything in a blue-screen wreck,
and everything you ever loved dearly topples and bursts away,
leaving the brilliance of shattered light over and over again,
and your fear oozes out, and you're disappearing a little more,
breaking everything down as you collapse in tears of misery and pain,
and you breathe and there's no air, bleed and there's no blood,
drown and there's no lake, burn, and there's no fire,
and you shout, there's pictures, pictures, pictures,
and you scream, there's magazines and book and plenty to hear,
and you cry, there's places to go and the moon is always full,
and the moon is always bright, and the moon is always there,


Will the irony never end? I'm working on 'pain' at Eyebeam and today my partner Azure came down with me, and of course bumped her head; the result was a fairly large swelling and a lot of pain. We left to go back to Brooklyn and went instead for lunch, returning to Eyebeam (and the galleries) for a short while, then home again. She's all right, but was tearful and in agony for a while...

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