Art Fag City critic and series participant Paddy Johnson calls it, "The most challenging IRL Internet competition of the decade."

Project Created: 
June 2009
9PM – 2AM

NYC’s #1 art party is back! Eyebeam’s warehouse space comes alive with the audience becoming an integral part of the performance

MIXER: VERSION: Eyebeam presents a remix-inspired spectacular with an iPod rock stage, mobile soundsystem, and a cutting-edge karaoke room among many other delights.

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Dave + Jeff new Party Reel

These are some of the parties that Dave and I threw in 2007 and 2008. This is just a small taste. For more information about any of the things you see here, check out my other videos, or stuff.jeffcrouse.info/DaveJeff.pdf

Cast: Jeff Crouse

Start Date: 
17 Nov 2007

Eyebeam launches an exciting new quarterly series with a special one-night-only performance of Brother Islands (Places to Lose People), an “expanded documentary” about quarantine and its machinery, as seen through the sights and sounds of two East River islands.

The night’s performances inaugurate MIXER, Eyebeam’s new series dedicated to showcasing leading performing artists in the fields of live video and audio. In addition to live performance by video artists, musicians, VJs and DJs, each MIXER event presents new interactive work by Eyebeam artists that encourages audience participation and creative play. Hybrid in format, and Eyebeam in spirit – collaborative, spontaneous and a little off-the-wall – MIXER electrifies Eyebeam’s Chelsea warehouse for a Saturday night quite unlike any other.

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Projects: Brother Islands
People: Benton-C Bainbridge, Bill Etra, Dan Winckler, Jesse Stiles, Matthew Schlanger, Minou Maguna, Paul Amitai, Ross Goldstein, Ryder Cooley, Vade
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Grey Belt

new performance piece by Taeyoon Choi and Cheon pyo Lee
At MIXER. EYEBEAM. New York City. March 6-7, 2009

Cast: Taeyoon Choi

Brother Islands: Video Still
Brother Islands is a live multimedia performance about involuntary isolation and its machinery, as seen through the sights and sounds of two East River islands. Brother Islands premiered in 2007 at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in New York City in a sold out performance to launch the "MIXER" series.

Project Created: 
November 2007

Brother Islands at Eyebeam MIXER (5)

Brother Islands: Places to Lose People
live at Eyebeam MIXER 17NOV07

Benton-C Bainbridge, Minou Maguna, Matthew Schlanger, Ross Goldstein, Jesse Stiles, Dan Winckler, C. Ryder Cooley, Bill Etra, vade, Eric Drasin.
doc. videography by Elsa Vieira.

Supported by VOOM Lab HD and Eyebeam Art & Technology Center


Cast: benton-c bainbridge, Eric Barry Drasin, minoumaguna and vade

Small Global

D-Fuse is a group of London based, international artists and designers from varied disciplines, who work across a range of creative media from the Web, Print, TV, Film, Art and Architecture, to Live A/V Performances and Mobile media. D-Fuse’s visual art has been shown internationally; venues include Sonar [Barcelona], The Rotterdam, Seoul Film Festivals. Performances & installations have been projected at the Lisbon and Valencia Bienale, Porto 2001, Back Up Festival [Weimar], the Jam and Onedotzero festivals in London and Tokyo.

Video D-Fuse [Michael Faulkner + Barney Steel]
Audio D-Fuse [Matthias Kispert] with contributions by Scanner
Producer D-Fuse [Keri Elmsly]

Eyebeam CV
Start Date: 
6 Mar 2009 - 7 Mar 2009


 Named “The New Saturday Night” by New York Magazine (Jan., 16 – 23, 2009), Eyebeam's MIXER series is dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live video and audio performance, interactivity and participatory practice.

Due to popular demand, MIXER: EXPO was expanded to two nights of performance and installations that turned our rough-and-ready warehouse space into a temporary village of creatively engineered pavilions themed around the idea of utopia. In sum: An alternate “World's Fair” with NYC's top DJs.

Projects: MIXER
People: Aaron Meyers, Aeolab, Al Laufeld, Anakin Koenig, Angelo Co, Caspar Stracke, Cati Vaucelle, Cheon pyo Lee, Chris Jordan, Craig Shepard, Daniel Perlin, Di Mainstone, Elise Co, G. Douglas Barrett, Jeff Crouse, Juan Maclean, Leslie Flanigan, Marisa Jahn, Mark Shepard, Nikita Pashinkov, Not an Alternative, Paul Amitai, Sean Meehan, Steve Shada, Taeyoon Choi, The Institute for Faith-Based Technology, The Loud Objects, Tim Sweeney, Tristan Perich
Tags: A/V, expo, mixer, party, performance
MIXER is Eyebeam's quarterly event series dedicated to showcasing...
Projects: MIXER
People: BiLLLL$, Brian Whiton, bubblyfish, Chika Ijima, Chris Kaczmarek, Christina Kral, D-Fuse, Dan Ribaudo, Daniel Perlin, David Jimison, DJ N-Ron, DJ Spinoza, Drayton Hiers, Friedrich Kirschner, Grey Barreda, Guillermo E. Brown, Jeff Crouse, Jeff Feddersen, Jon Cohrs, Jonathan Rauberts, JooYoun Paek, Judi Chicago, Kudu, Lady Firefly, Paul Amitai, Rob O'Neill, Roxy Cottontail, Stephan Maze Georges, Tetsu Kondo, Zarah Cabanas
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