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26 Feb 2011
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Designers, developers, journalists, and artists: Get a head start on your entry for the Data Viz Challenge!

1:00–2:30PM  Get seasoned advice in a discussion and workshop led by George Michael Brower and Jono Brandel (designers, Google Creative Lab), Aaron Meyers (Eyebeam Fellow and interactive media designer), and Evan You (designer of Internet Censorship).

2:30–6:00PM  Start visualizing your taxes! Work on your own or as a team with guidance from our Skillshare leaders.


Google Streetview Germany went life yesterday and the whole country goes nuts about it, (not enough blur, too much blur, unblur FB groups etc.) haha …. OMG. After I posted my ‘15 Seconds of Fame Streetview self portraits series‘ yesterday press picked it up and I was featured in two newspapers today. Berliner Morgenpost got it quite right (because they called and I told them the story that I jumped out the cafe and ran actually dancing behind the Google car :-)

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Street View

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Feeling sick? Not sure what you’ve come down with? Let Google diagnose you! Enter your symptoms into the search box, and press “I’m Feeling Icky” to be diagnosed. Don’t like your options? Go back and get a “Second Opinion”.

code by Greg Leuchget the code!

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Internet giant's decision comes amid a clampdown on the internet in China over the last year

Google, the world's leading search engine, has thrown down the gauntlet to China by announcing it is no longer willing to censor search results on its Chinese website.

In an unexpected announcement, the technology company said the decision followed a cyber attack which it believes was an attempt to gather information on Chinese human rights activists.

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