Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2013 Spring/Summer Residencies and 2013 Fellowships, beginning in March. Residencies have been awarded to 7 artists and Fellowships have been awarded to 4 artists. The research-based practices represented by this cohort will focus on a broad spectrum of topics including web-based poetics; online information biases; Cyberfeminism and online art in the early 90's; and relationships to the virtual in everyday life. All incoming artists and technologists receive generous stipends and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research and fabrication studios. 


A two-day presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center allowing an inside look at current research and in-progress work. Open Studios is a chance to meet the amazing artists and creative technologists that make Eyebeam an exciting creative incubator of new ideas, new art, and new technology: Think, Make, Share.

Fran Ilich
Mark Shepard
Mary Mattingly

Nova Jiang
Taeyoon Choi

Aaron Meyers


On November 16, Eyebeam's fellows, residents, and student residents gathered in the main space together with staff to present their works in progress.

Honorary Resident Hsing Wei presented proposals from Digital Teacher Corps, a partnership between Eyebeam and New Visions for Public Schools. Fellow Mary Mattingly presented in-progress images of her Wearable Homes and Flock Houses, along with images of past projects.

Members of Eyebeam's Student Residency Program also presented proposals of projects they will create during their year-long residencies. The five high school students will work together with residents and fellows in Eyebeam's state of the art facilities to create works of art and technology through the media of video production, dance, activism, game design, and textile technology.

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Eye To Eyebeam is a series on Eyebeam's residents and fellows. It includes interviews, photos, and other news and is authored by Eyebeam intern Katherine DiPierro. These interactive posts offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about Eyebeam's diverse community of creative practitioners.

Each week, you'll see interviews profiling individual Eyebeamers. Artists who have already engaged in conversation about their projects include:

Project Created: 
September 2011

Eye to Eyebeam is a series on Eyebeam's artists in residence and fellows that includes interviews, photos, and other information on Eyebeam’s artists and creative technologists. It is authored by Eyebeam intern Katherine DiPierro.

Projects: Eye To Eyebeam, Residencies, Wearable Weapons, Wearable Weapons // Interactive Costumes
People: Carrie Mae Rose, Katherine DiPierro
Tags: fall 2011, fellowships, interview, residents

Eye to Eyebeam is a series on Eyebeam's artists in residence and fellows that includes interviews, photos, and other information on Eyebeam’s artists and creative technologists. It is authored by Eyebeam intern Katherine DiPierro.

At a time when “sustainable” and “environmentally friendly” are the latest marketing buzzwords, Maria Michails creates projects which invite both meditation and participation in the processes of ecology and the consumption of energy. Her interactive sculptures relate the exploitative effects of human consumption of energy (past projects have highlighted the effects of industrial agriculture and fracking) and graft natural materials with precise electronic instruments and participant-powered mechanisms. Eyebeam intern Katherine DiPierro sat down with Maria to talk about her past and current projects.

Projects: Eye To Eyebeam, Residencies, S*OIL, The Handcar Projects
People: Katherine DiPierro, Maria Michails
Tags: fall 2011, fellowships, interview, residents

Interested in being a resident or fellow at Eyebeam? Now's your chance, our call is up!!! Both the residencies and fellowships have a March 1 start date. Full info. is now online: Residency Call / Fellows Call. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Equipment Inventory

This is an abbreviated listing of the Equipment made available to residents and fellows. If you have specific questions regarding software or equipment not listed below, please contact the Associate Director: Creative Residencies at residencyinfo AT eyebeam DOT org.


Applying to Eyebeam Residency or Fellowship

International/out of town applicants

Out of town residents and fellows are responsible for their travel costs, accommodation, and moving expenses. Eyebeam staff will assist as much as possible with locating accommodation in New York.  We can also provide advice in contacting agencies to help negotiate Visa requirements to live and work in the United States.

Residency and fellowship applicants interested in being considered for a future cycle should indicate this preference in the the application form. This can be helpful when taking into consideration the length of time to procure the appropriate visa.

Residency vs. Fellowship: What’s the difference?


Fellows at Eyebeam

Eyebeam Fellows are artists, hackers, and engineers who spearhead new research and develop exciting new work at the point where art and technology meet. Eyebeam Fellows regularly develop innovative and creative open source technology within an environment that fosters collaborative development. Fellows lead public seminars, exhibitions, and educational programming, and help direct Eyebeam's Research Groups. These individuals are selected in recognition of their exceptional talent and the belief that a sustained research period is critical for the development of new ideas and innovative work—goals central to Eyebeam’s mission. For further information, please see our FAQ.

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