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I am getting ready for my first NYC runway show, the Fairytale Fashion Show, on Feb. 24th at Eyebeam. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about some of the preparations, on CRAFT and here at Make: Online


Diana Eng (Project Runway, Season 2) will present her innovative educational project that teaches about math, science, and technology through fashion.


Fashion Designer, Diana Eng (Project Runway), who combines science and technology in her work is partnering with the Treasure Academy to explore Fairytale Fashion concepts.

Screen-shots of video mash-ups created with Jeff Crouse

Eyebeam Art and Technology Center and The Institute of Play, have collaborated to design three workshops at Quest to Learn, a brand-new NYC public school.

Students will work on topics like video remix, sound design, and the engineering of paper folding. Workshop learning standards include: digital tool use, the process of iterating and prototyping ideas, and critical-thinking and problem-solving. This program is offered to students at Q2L during Early-Release Wednesdays throughout December.




Workshops offered to Q2L students include:

Project Created: 
November 2009
People: Diana Eng, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Jeff Crouse, Katie Salen, Stephanie Pereira
Research: Education
Project Type: Learning, Video, Wearables, Web
Tags: education, FairytaleFashion, institute of play, pd, Pure data, q2l, youth programs
Partner Organizations:
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