http://www.eyebeam.org/events/beyond-the-joystick-introduction-to-altern... I am running this workshop series weekly on Tuesday Evenings for 6 weeks, starting on June 28 to Aug 2 at Eyebeam. It’s basically for artists, designers and hobbyists interested in starting to think about and explore alternative physical interfaces that can be used in games, toys or interactive art projects. We’ll be learning…


At Blip Festival, the People are Almost as Cool as the Music

Leigh Alexander —At Blip Festival, the People are Almost as Cool as the MusicThe first thing I thought about this morning, as I opened my eyes, was that the cat trying to rouse me from my hung-over sleep sounded like a Game Boy.

The second thing is that I had a really, really good time at the opening show night of Blip Festival 2011 last night.

This year's Blip Festival was thrown at Eyebeam on New York City's West Side by a collective of chip musicians called 8bitpeoples, with help from NYC nonprofit The Tank.


New concepts and emerging technologies have always had a significant effect on art, a fact that became almost endemic in the twentieth century. Whether it’s the emergence of cinema, video, or the internet, technology has become increasingly integral to artistic production. The Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, a non-for-profit space in Chelsea, is dedicated to exploring the continuously evolving relationship of contemporary art and design to technology. Often presenting a heterogeneous and even dizzying array of works, this space is always a fun visit. Now through January 29, Eyebeam will be presenting X-lab, an open house lab that lets the public sneak a peek into what the center's residents and fellows are up to. Featuring the work of Aaron Meyers, Brooke Singer, and Jacob Ciocci and numerous others.

~ Yván A. Rosa


On Friday, I figured out the doorbell receiver signals and how arduino can tell which doorbell is being rung. Here is the project list which helps me code but also know exactly what goes where. MODE INTERFACE BUTTONS ARDUINO SOUNDS 1. Rest Start Button which goes to Intro Show screenshot of last game Start button…


I finally purchased the equipment to make the two wireless cameras feed simultaneously into processing.I am using the following set up: 2 x Wireless Security Kit from Geeks.com (they work on different channels around 2.4Ghz) XLR8 XtraView USB (composite video to USB adapter using, driver that comes with it) Canopus ADVC-55 (composite video to firewire…


I will be showing Hit Me! at the next Eyebeam Mixer. I am really excited about it. I need to do some updating to the game. Here is a list of intended updates: 1. Better wireless pin-hole cameras. For the game, I need 2 cameras that are same but run on different channels. I found…


These are step by step instructions for how to use the laser cutters at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. It’s posted here because I used a lot of laser cut parts for the projects in my book while I was a resident there, and from now on ‘beamers and others can use this as a quick reference.

First things first: join the laser@eyebeam.org list. It’s a good place to ask for help or tips, and alert others if something goes wrong. Roddy handles coordinating the laser lens hand-offs, and Marko is the technical person in charge if things go wrong.

24 hours (or more) before:

  1. Use the inventory checkout system to reserve the laser machine AND a lens. Arrange with Roddy to get the lens (usually he’ll just leave it on his desk).
  2. Reserve a time slot on the Equipment Rooms and Machine Reservations Google calendar

Day of: Inspection and Setup

People: Dustyn Roberts
Tags: eyebeam

Good news. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to continue building games. I hope X-lab gets continued somehow, and I hope to introduce some workshop ideas soon!


I have been obviously neglecting my blog for the last few months, but I assure you there is a good reason — X-lab! X-lab was sort of a work-in-progress exhibition in the main space at Eyebeam. So imagine the gallery usually for finished works, filled up instead with artists working on their projects, engaging with…

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