The Great Recession

The Great Recession is an exhibition of new work exploring the psychic implications of this most recent burp by the American economy, late Capitalism, gold hoarding, and the end of an empire. Some of the works on display include FDIC Insured, a collection of 220+ cast off investment guide books laser engraved with the logos of all of the failed FDIC insured banks, Under the Floorboards, a video about hiding and hoarding, and 1 Million Iraqi Dinars secured in a Zero-Halliburton case.


If you’re in San Francisco this Saturday night (March 6), you’re in for a performance-art treat: 100 Performances for the Hole (Take 2) at Somarts. 100 artists each do 2-minute performances inside a mechanics pit. I’m on at 8:54pm and will create a Cagean surprise. The first performance is at 5:58pm and the evening ends at 1am.



I’ll be showing some new sign work with Charlie James Gallery at Pulse New York. I don’t have pictures because I’m working on it now…


Pulse New York
General Admission $20, Students and Seniors $15
330 West Street
Thursday, March 4 – Press and VIP Private Preview – 9am – 12pm
Thursday, March 4 – Open to public – 12pm – 8pm
Friday, March 5 – 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, March 6 – 12pm – 8pm
Sunday, March 7 – 12pm – 5pm


My solo show “The Great Recession” at PNCA in Portland, OR is a little over one month out. The listing just appeared on the PNCA website. Now I just have to finish making the work! The biiiiig work is mostly done, but there are a number of smaller works that have to be made, or finished, or framed-just-so.

BTW, I am from PDX, so this is officially a homecoming…



April 17th, 2010
The New Museum, NY
“Rhizome is pleased to announce Seven on Seven a new major initiative that reflects our mission to connect art and new technology. The seven teams will present their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum on April 17th. Seven on Seven Participants include, on the technology side, Ayah [...]


. . in Houston, opening Fri., Jan. 5, includes some of my favorite artists, such as Eyebeam R & D/ Jonah Peretti & Michael Frumin, Harrell Fletcher, Guthrie Lonergan, Jill Magid, and Trevor Paglen.


A short interview video with Michael Mandiberg shot and Edited by Dan Eckstein (daneckstein.com) in March 2009, with Music from Au Revoir Simone at Eyebeam and Postmasters Gallery NYC.

From the dialog:

I’m Michael Mandiberg. I am an artist, designer, and educator, and I am a Senior Fellow at Eyebeam, which is an Art and Technology Center in Chelsea, Manhattan.

As an artist I am pretty omnivorous. I have a background in photography, so it is pretty image based, but I was also a really really good bad high school poet. So I am particularly interested in words and their meaning, and their nuances and their poetic value. So I am always looking at the world around us visually, informationally, and culturally, and politically for inspiration


Security Patterns is a studio visit installation of recent laser cut work. These sculptures and drawings are made from old books laser cut with poignant words, and drawings made from industrial patterns, all of which explore transformations in technology and their relationships to evolutions (or devolutions) in economies. Some choice examples include: two display bookshelves with an ever growing collection of 130+ investment guide books and get-rich-quick books (e.g. “Weath is a Choice” or “Investing by the Stars”) all laser engraved with the logos of failed FDIC Insured banks, A shrink wrapped bundle of 12 Yellow Pages that have been cut all the way through with the phrase “GOOGLE” and a dictionary with the phrase “OMG LOL” cut from its pages.


This is old news that slipped through the cracks, but No Longer Empty has been reviewd in Flash Art, the Wall Street Journal, Metro New York, and Culturemob.


Charlie James Gallery presents “You Are Still Alive” at Pulse Miami 2009.

Steve Lambert will be featured at Impulse with Charlie James Gallery at the Pulse Miami Art Fair from December 3 thru 6, 2009. Selected works from Lambert’s “Everything You Want Right Now!” solo show will be featured, as well as the debut of his Arrow Sign print editions. This solo project will be entitled “You Are Still Alive” and is organized around the idea of the liberating power of simple truths.

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