So today at the the Drop-In program, Patrick Davison (an Intern at Eyebeam) helped us get our Gimp on. He walked us through some of the basic photo manipulation and color altering techniques that both Gimp and Photoshop have to offer, comparing the two programs along the way. Using these skills we created collages (Shown below and in Zoe's post) from poorly lit or otherwise bad photos we found on facebook.

If you are interested in learning how to become G's like us, then you should come by on Thursdays to Eyebeam between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. The program starts at 4, so show up then.


  Over the past couple days, The Student Residents have been brainstorming ideas for the upcoming Electrosmog International Festival. This festival deals with the issue of global mobility and aims to rethink the developing reliance on 'hyper-mobility'. We have all heard that '"the world is getting smaller" due to advances in train, airplane, and space technologies, and while this may seem fantastic, the world does not have the resources to support the energy needs required for these new technologies. The Electrosmog International Festival is here to save the day (quite literally), and is working to replace this 'hyper-mobility' focus with 'sustainable immobility'. 'Sustainable Immobility' is defined as "a lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility.


We (the eyebeam residents of the student era) are creating a super-cool, super-flashy amazing window display for the holidays. It features the Nativity scene (We don't mean to offfend anyone!), but with the eyebeam twist! Some highlights of this beautiful masterpiece is...
-Some cool shiz, like computers as hay
-Breakdancing hand babies?

I'm working on the 'angels'. The angels are the pop culture that eyebeam thrives on, to make it relevant for the masses. We've got snorlaxez, pokemons, Flying machines, lazor pistols, and even jet packs.

What is even cooler than jet packs?



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