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DDC09 students have used all their wisdom and know-how collected over the course of this summer to plan their final project – A Pop-Up Party! The party will include ice-cold lemonade (delivered via pulley system to both Highline and Lowline visitors), a fort for contemplating life, games (competive box ball, hula hoops, checkers...), live musical performances, a movie theater for two screening this summer's creations, a hanging garden and edible plant giveaway, and a jacuzzi!

Join us!
Tuesday, July 28th, 6-8pm
19th st between 10th and 11th Ave (beneath the Highline)


Artists: Adriana Young (artist researcher / activist) + Christina Kral (digital and interactive narrative, Eyebeam Alum)

Workshop: Research history of and making of the High Line in its current form. Students will then consider missing elements, and rewrite the narrative by creating a Mid Line. This aspect of DDC will include a strong emphasis on documentation.

Critical Frameworks: Urban research, creative use of public space

Resources:http://guerrillagardening.org/ – Mobile Art: http://www.artshantyprojects.orghttp://www.huongngo.com/http://unhoused.livejournal.com/ – Shelter Corps (part of Version09 – http://www.versionfest.org/) http://bit.ly/shelter-corps


Artist: Sarah Cook (Eyebeam Research Partner, Curatorial Masterclass organizer): Curator

Workshop: Students will discuss and learn about curatorial considerations for planning an event or exhibition. We might curate the window gallery at Eyebeam, using creations and documentation from the previous two weeks, and then plan for the coming final presentation.

Critical Frameworks: Packaging your art, dissemination, production, publication, audience communication.





Hello All! My name is Luis Perez, and I am a very curious and adventurous guy. I love music and dealing with different aspects concerning technology. I aspire to study Aerospace/Aeronautic Engineering, (dealing with Flight Technology) and I am learning how to explore my deep thoughts in Art and technology in the Eye-beam Digital Day Camp 2009! =]


What’s up! I’m Usman. I am a rapper, writer and training manga artist. My content ranges from personal problems, philosophy, violence and social and political issues. I’m currently working on my debut album Daybreak. I am a kind, intelligent and creative person. I only get mad when someone really gets under my skin. I like meeting new people, making songs, writing stories and fanfics and watching anime. If you want to see my work go to http://prophetsinspiration.blogspot.com/.


Hello.  I am Siena and am going to be starting my senior year of high school come September.  I am a traveler, explorer, New Yorker, and a coffee drinker.  I appreciate all forms of art and greatly enjoy museums, galleries, and such.  I like to converse with strangers, new people and widen my perspective; I yearn to learn from others’ experiences as ignorance is something to fear.  

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, Woody Allen is my god and I love Seinfeld.   

Along with the city-life I also love the country and the wilderness.  


I’m Jade.

I basically wear dresses all year round.


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