The Coney Island Aquarium lost its 2 yr old baby walrus, Akituusaq this week.
Both his parents were orphaned wild walruses whose parents had been killed in legal Inuit hunts.
He was a big sensation in New York, and his keepers loved him very much.

Akituusaq,  2-year-old Pacific walrus

Akituusaq, 2-year-old Pacific walrus

NY Times article here

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I was cracking open a new roll of toilet paper, purchased at the discount store, and feeling guilty because I’d usually buy recycled paper products only right now, I have no time. No doubt it was made with new forest “materials” (that would be trees).

I remembered being in Alaska with Ruth, doing some TV work in the early 90’s, and interviewing a logger on the train who was snortingly angry about environmentalists coming up and protesting his livelihood. I mean, he said, You can’t wipe your ass with a spotted owl.

People: Marina Zurkow
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Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber (1739-1810), student of Linnaeus:



The above illustrations  from ‘Die Saugthiere in Abbildungen‘ at Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon (named as ‘Histoire naturelle des quadrupèdes‘ – either misslabelled or this is the title of the french edition) — there are about 200 illustrations available from the original 775 engravings published:


…Making animals part of a building site’s program:
In Wales, artist Gitta Gschwendtner matches new apartments built one for one with bird and bat nesting environments.

Commissioned by the Wales-based public art consultancy Safle,

1pm - 5pm

Workshop participants learned the fundamentals of animal anatomy, dissection and culturing that are used to investigate specimens. The workshop was held in an open forum setting with orientation to the history of artistic practice in the scientific field. It was part of the Eyebeam Digital Day Camp Series for 2006.  At the conclusion of each week of DDC, the projects from the classes were displayed in a 'growing' 3-week long exhibition alongside work from the artists teaching the DDC workshops.

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