“The Windowfarms project broaches both immediate urban agriculture goals as well as a far-sighted shift in attitudes toward the green revolution.

Projects: Windowfarm
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“The Windowfarms project broaches both immediate urban agriculture goals as well as a far-sighted shift in attitudes toward the green revolution.

Projects: Conspiracy
People: Brian Alfred
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. . in Houston, opening Fri., Jan. 5, includes some of my favorite artists, such as Eyebeam R & D/ Jonah Peretti & Michael Frumin, Harrell Fletcher, Guthrie Lonergan, Jill Magid, and Trevor Paglen.


This is a screen shot taken one hour after the dealine today, when Windowfarms succeeded in reaching (and surpassing) its $25,000 goal on kickstarter, they now exist as a funded non-profit!

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This week Cory Arcangel invites us for a peep behind-the-scenes to see how his inimitable brand of internet-infused, code-heavy art gets made. Cory’s one of those rare artists who knows how to make digital art with heart and flesh and soul. With a catalog of work that often celebrates the unfiltered human weirdness and beauty piped to our homes as the internet, the conversation returns several times to the World Wide Web. When we ask Cory for a run down of his favorite internet videos, he shows us a few awesome ones—like this and this. We talk about his earliest work, the now infamous Super Mario Clouds, and the treatise he wrote on jpeg compression. Cory plays us part of his latest piece, a recreation of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1999 op. 11 Drei Klavierstücke comprised entirely of Youtube clips with cats playing piano. And for anybody out there making art as you watch along at home: Cory even gives some great encouragement and advice about the art making process.

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5 Dec 2009

Eyebeam RjDj SkillShare

December 5, 2009

12:00 – 1:30 PM : Introductory workshop on Pd with Hans-Christoph Steiner

2:00 – 6:00 PM : SkillShare w/Steiner and RjDj programmers


People: Hans-Christoph Steiner
Research: Education, Open Culture
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A 10-year Retrospective of Programming, Eyebeam Style

Since 1997, artists, programmers, hackers, activists, technologists, kids and adults have come to Eyebeam to share ideas, find collaborators, experiment with new tools and create new work. The projects in Source Code – the first of three exhibitions presenting the very best of creative exploration at Eyebeam – frame technologies, generate new processes and offer the audience a platform to contemplate the impact of technology on everyday life.

This exhibition marks the organization’s unique role in supporting artists experimenting with or critically examining the impact of new technologies in cultural production. The institution’s multiple channels of support include artist residencies, yearlong fellowships and commissions.


Part of the Eyebeam 10 Year Retrospective Series of exhibitions

Opening: 6PM Thursday, September 27

Closing reception: November 10, 5PM

Artists include:

Forays | Angie Eng | Jill Magid | Carrie Dashow | Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg | Trevor Paglen | neuroTransmitter | Robert Ransick | Yury Gitman | Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena | IAA | Graffiti Research Lab | Caspar Stracke | Eyebeam R&D Lab | Michael Frumin | Jonah Peretti

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