For the Playing Duchamp project, I made custom 3D chess pieces to resemble Duchamp’s hard-carved originals.

The 3D-rendered versions (designed by Daisuke Imai):


In the Playing Duchamp project, I have reprogrammed a chess computer to play like Marcel Duchamp, which anyone can play online.

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3D Relief Interface
Using an array of 120 motorized pins this interface concept brings maps and other media to life.

World of Awe: mRB (2002)

Yael Kanarek and Bnode (Judith Gieseler and Innes Yates) elaborate on Kanarek's ongoing multi-media project, World of Awe, an original narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler's tale to explore the connections between storytelling, travel, memory, and technology. Here, the artists investigate the diffusion of techno-scientific knowledge into popular culture through a fictional supertoy -- the mRB. In the World of Awe's Traveler's Journal, the mRB is a prototype for the moodRingBaby. Resembling an advanced Tamagotchi, the device is capable of holding conversations and telling stories. The project utilizes a 3D web interface that allows the user to browse various aspects of the mRB for clues to its origin, experiences, and character. The mRB web experience is augmented by the physical installation, which incorporates spatial, material and organizational themes.

Project Created: 
October 2002

Berner is a graduate of the MS in Digital Imaging & Design at NYU's CADA program. Of Austrian decent, he grew up in Germany and received an undergraduate degree in Communication Design from Dusseldorf University. He came to the States in 1992 to run the New York offices of Select and The Manipulator photography magazines. Before going back to school for his MS degree, he worked as Director of Motion for the Eisnor Interactive Internet agency, founded the Permanent Eye Pictures independent film production company, and produced/directed music videos and commercials for Elektra, Universal, Def Jam, Palomar Pictures and Crossroads. Berner taught introductory and intermediate level Maya 3D workshops at Eyebeam as part of their Spring 2004 Moving Image and Interactive Sound/Graphic Environment Software workshop series.  

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