A long, long day but we managed to get all of the Gift Horse parts into a 17′ truck and into the South Hall site for the beginning of Out of the Garage, Into the World. I was amazed at how tightly-packed the truck was.



This is a family of eight paper virus sculptures for the Gift Horse project, which has 12 more days to go as a Kickstarter project. You can donate here.

Top row (left to right): Andromeda Strain, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, T-Virus (from Resident Evil), Rabies, Smallpox
Bottom row: Foot-in-mouth disease, Snow Crash, Dengue Fever

Virus All_screen


These are the first 4 viruses that are part of the Gift Horse project for the upcoming 01SJ Biennial, built originally as 3D models and then translated into paper sculptures. We are making 12 in total and stuffing hundreds of them inside the 13-foot high Trojan Horse.



After the first month, we are 31% funded on the 13-foot-high Gift Horse for the 01SJ Biennial. A good initial run, but its starting to feel a little tight, so please consider a Kickstarter donation to the Gift Horse project.


We have been busy working on the internal structure and final models in Sketchup. The skeleton proved to be an advanced wood project since the exterior printed digital panels (see model above) will be exactly fitted to make it look like giant-sized 3D model of a horse.


We just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Gift Horse – a project for the 01SJ Biennial co-commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art and ZERO1. We are seeking extra funding specifically to construct the sculpture from sustainable materials and also to teach several “build your own virus” workshops. Gift Horse is celebration of the viral nature of art and ideas.


Start Date: 
4 Sep 2010 - 19 Sep 2010
$5 for entrance to South Hall during festival
San Jose Convention Center South Hall - 435 S Market Street, San Jose, CA 95110
Partner Organizations: 

The Eyebeam Roadshow will be participating in the 2010 01SJ Biennial in San Jose, September 4-19, 2010. Under this year's theme, Build Your Own World, the biennial will present hundreds of artworks, performances, events, and artist talks, which not only imagine the future of the world, but begin to build it.

The Eyebeam Roadshow will be included in the exhibition, Out of the Garage Into the World, in which independent artists, designers, architects, engineers, programmers, and corporate and academic research programs will publicly work in San Jose’s 80,000 square foot “South Hall” to create projects for exhibition, performance, provocation, and interaction.

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