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Tuesday August 11, 2009

Doors:6pm; Start: 7pm

Presented by Galapagos Art Space + Flavorpill

Career Camp brings together industry-leading thinkers and next wave ideas in order to stimulate discussion, sharpen skills, and illuminate what comes next. Our GREEN session features Marc Alt, President and Creative Director, Marc Alt + Partners, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Executive Director of Eyebeam, and Rick Thompson, COO of GreenTech Media, and a representative from Media Bistro TBA.

16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Between Spaces: On's "Beam Me Up"

Claire L. Evans reviews "Beam Me Up" on Rhizome

Wednesday, July 29th


"Beam Me Up" is an online exhibition for's ongoing exhibition about space, for which Sarah Cook of CRUMB, the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss, and Eyebeam Curatorial Research Associate, commissioned new work by artists and scientists, Jayanne English, Alec Finlay, Eyebeam Alum Joe Winter, and Eyebeam Jamie O'Shea.


Patrick Lichty's "Homily to Kennedy", given at Summer School @ Night at Eyebeam NYC, July 16, 2009, is online at the Furtherfield Blog - shared space for personal reflection on media art practice.


A number of Eyebeamers are participating in Picnic Salon, New York organised by Amsterdam's PICNIC gathering and the Waag Society, at the New Museum on Monday June 29,2009.

We'll be contributing to the closed Creative Workshop and Brainstorm session, bringing together Dutch and NYC Creative, discussing topics such as: What is the role of design and creative technologies in the future of our cities? Augmented, ubiquitous, real-time, broadband and smart technologies have a role in shaping the lives of many. What future will this lead to and how can we put these technologies to work for us? What is the shared agenda for Amsterdam and New York?


April 17: Sleep Dealer out in cinemas

Location: Los Angeles and New York

Sleep Dealer (by Eyebeam alum Alex Rivera) is a science-fiction, but has nothing do to with space aliens, or cops who shoot robots. It's a film of ideas, and it looks at the future from a perspective never seen before: from south of the border, looking at America from the outside. A.O. Scott of The New York Times says: SLEEP DEALER is "Exuberantly entertaining-a dystopian fable of globalization disguised as a science-fiction adventure … ." SLEEP DEALER is a thriller filled with lush visuals and big ideas about the future of war, immigration, the environment, and the border.

Go with a friend, or organize a group to support this film, and in the process support the idea of a more wild, diverse, and relevant cinema!

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