Eyebeam Creative Residencies

Creative Residencies Program

In the coming spring, we are putting our residency on hold for the first time in a decade. We’re pausing in order to rethink the whole program from the ground up, asking our 300+ alums for their guidance:

  • Which practitioners need Eyebeam’s support?
  • What does that support look like?
  • How do we make their vision real and how can we increase its impact in our communities?

In February, we’ll be inviting alums to our still-young Brooklyn space for an intense weekend work-and-play session around these questions.

Eyebeam Research Residencies support artists and technologists who spearhead new research and develop innovative new work at the point where art and technology meet. Research Residents are awarded access to Eyebeam's tools, workspace, and direct connection to Eyebeam's influential community of alumni and external experts, for up to two years. They regularly develop exciting and often open source technologies or art within an environment that fosters collaborative development. Research Residents actively lead Eyebeam's public seminars, exhibitions, and other forms of engagement. These individuals are selected in recognition of their exceptional talent and the belief that a sustained research period is critical for the development of new ideas and innovative work—goals central to Eyebeam’s mission.

Eyebeam Project Residencies support the creative research, production and presentation of a new work querying art, technology and culture. The 5-month residency is a period of concentration and immersion in investigation and production of visionary, experimental applications and projects. Past initiatives have ranged from moving image, sound and physical computing works to technical prototypes, installations, social practice, and public interventions.

Eyebeam Youth Residencies support the strong development of our youth's creative usage of emerging technologies. This program gives the next generation the tools, knowledge, and deep understanding of technology, at the intersection of art, to help ensure their success in the job markets and creative practices of tomorrow. Eyebeam works to develop relevant experiential programs that teach underserved youth the creative and necessary tools to succeed as well as nourishing confidence and bold thinking. Current Youth Residencies support the Rap Research Lab Youth Program, the Playable Fashion Youth Program and the Student Residency Program.

Honorary Residency positions, in all of the above categories, are awarded to deserving creative practitioners whose practice can benefit highly from Eyebeam’s space, tools, and community without a production stipend. These positions are awarded to residency applicants who have reached the final stage of review through Eyebeam’s open call process.

For further information, please see our FAQ.